Inspired by what he saw during his travels and volunteering Alex founded Vurchoo Jewellery aiming to provide jewellery filled with emotion and meaning, while simultaneously helping those in need.

I had the pleasure of meeting Alex at the Parallax Art Fair in February. Here’s what happened when we woke about his journey so far.

Tell me a bit about yourself and what you do?

I love all things design.

Good design can make you feel good too, the simpler the design the better.

I am based in Essex, but due to the nature of jewellery, I seem to find myself in London a lot of the time.

How long have you been designing and how did you get into it initially?

Well, that’s an interesting questation.

I was originally a graffiti artist, then after a few brushes with the law and a trip around the world I found my fashion for jewellery.

I then received backing for the Princes Trust for Vurchoo and haven’t stopped moving forward since then,

Tell me more about your latest collection?

It’s called The Hun Pitou Colour Range.

It is inspired by the drawings given to me by a young girl called Hun Pitou who showed me the paddy field where she grew up. She belongs to a charity that helps children transition from childhood to adulthood.

I use rice grains as the focal point of the design and just like her drawing it is all two tone, using a stunning mix of metals. The focal point is the pendant, showing a rice grain leaving the husk. Symbolic of Hun Pitou’s own maturing.

A portion of the profits is given directly back to Hun Pitou’s school. So they can help even more children.

What do you want people to feel when they see your work?

How did you feel? Design makes people feel differently. But with Vurchoo it is always positive.

Oh well you know I love your work, that’s why we are here but to answer your question, it was positive vibes. I hear you’ve also been nominated for an Award?

I sure have, due to my unique concept, I have been nominated for Ethical Business of the Year in the UK Jewellery Award 2018!

I find out who the winner is in June 😊

Any ideas on what you will do for your next collection?

I am working with a charity in the UK and Guatemala. I will keep my unique timeless design.

I am working with a charity in the UK and Guatemala. I will keep my unique timeless design.

I am also having my designs overseen by Theo Fennell, so you can expect great things.

Will you be exhibiting your work at any exhibitions or fairs this year?

My Next show is LandMark Art Fair in Teddington in May, the best thing is to follow me on Facebook or Instagram to see where I am

Where can people find your work?

The best thing to do is check out my online store. have a free returns policy and free delivery.

For all the latest on Alex and his work check out his Instagram

All pictures taken by Shamelle Daley