Big Swingz has joined forces with Mercston on the monumental ‘C’est La Vie’. Premiered via GRM Daily the pair celebrate the high life and spit over a trap heavy synth infused scorcher.

Here’s what happened when I spoke to Big Swingz about the collaboration and more

How would you describe your music to someone who had never heard any of your songs before?

To someone who has never heard my songs I would describe my songs saucy/wavey or basically how Hennessey with ice feels after its kicked in lol with a little street twist to it.

Last year you released “Ten Toes” and “Rome” which were both well received tracks. What was the game plan going into 2018 and how close are you to meeting those goals?

This year is just about showing people I deserve to be heard, also at the same time I want a core fan base of real music lovers who love the music for the music and not all the extra BS attached.

How did the collaboration with you and Mercston Come about?

Mercston the big homie known him basically all my life we came up in the same ends when he was wolf pack and I was younger wolf pack so it was really natural.

Who came up with the concept for the video and what is it that you were trying to portray?

I came up with the concept as I direct all my videos. The video I wanted it to look like how my Saturdays usually go close friends and females chillin and vibsing in my flat hence the robe scenes wanted that relaxed vibe. The evening is the same really block party normal in every hood so wanted to portray that visually plus people don’t know Mercston is from same block as me so showing that in natural element was cool.

Your last releases have shown that you can deliver when it comes to singles, should the fans be expecting a body work any time soon?

100 percent I feel like every artist needs mixtapes, EP, and albums and I feel I need to be doing the same to show my skills and versatility.

What genres would you say have the biggest impact on your sound and why?

Good question its hard to say because I listen to every type of music under the sun like I’m just a fan of the sport. So I would say every genre influences me, if I was to pick a top 3 it would be RnB old school Hip Hop and Reggae.

When writing bars do you prioritise punchlines or storytelling and why?

Depends what kind of song I’m writing if it’s a club/up tempo beat I will defo be focusing on hay makers but if it’s a song with some depth then i’m gonna take you on a journey.

Do you have any upcoming shows we should be looking out for?

Got a show this Friday the 29th in docklands e16 got 3 more shows in July god willin more to come.

Any final shoutouts or plugs?

Jus want to shout out my brand I aint rich YET, its not the destination it’s the journey.