With two debut singles out now, Kamryn Marie is a singer/songwriter whose life experiences are her greatest source of inspiration. She began singing as soon as she could speak, taking the world by storm for the first time in her Kindergarten class performance of “These Boots Were Made for Walking.” She first played at the 930 Club in DC as a rockstar middle schooler, competing numerous times in Battle of the Bands. After taking the stage throughout high school for musicals including High School Musical, Footloose & the Wizard of Oz, Kamryn took a break from singing after high school. Drawing from moments of inspiration through life’s often-emotional experiences, she knew by 2016 it was time to make her first album.

With an album on the way, I thought now would be a perfect time to talk to Kamryn about her journey so far. Here’s what happened when I did…

Your sound is a culmination of a lot of different styles. How would you describe it to someone who had never heard your music before ?

I would say that is a mixture of many different things. If you lisern to my song Together you will get an electric pop/ EDM kind of feel. But then songs like Second Best have a more mainstream pop sort of feel.

Is Kamryn Marie your real name?

Yes, Kamryn is my first name and Marie is my middle name.

Tell us about the upcoming album?

Well the album is out in April. As it currently stands it will have 10 songs. We are currently half through song number 8. This album was really just about finding my sound. I sang a lot of pop before. I did quite a few musicals in high school and that sort of thing but it wasn’t really that fun for me. I think with EDM I am more comfortable I’m definitely enjoying the music more.

Anything special we should be looking out for?

Well the Album in April and I have a music video coming out on February 16th. It’s a duo with an awesome singer/songwriter named Marc from the group FIVES.

This song was challenging to write because it was written from both a male a female perspective. With that being said I am open to doing more of this in the future.

What is Second Best really about?

In a nutshell second best is about dating an addict. The message I wanted everyone to take away is that regardless of the type of relationship, you can’t let the addition win.

That sounds like quite an emotional song do you ever find tracks like this hard to perform?

I actually haven’t done a lot of performing my own material, as it happens. But to answer your question, songs like this do tend to come from quite a vulnerable place.

I like writing about stuff that is a bit difficult and touching on subjects that no one really likes to talk about.

I am always emotional when I write.

You started writing the album in 2016, describe the writing process?

Well it’s different for each song but this is the process generally speaking.

I would usually come to the studio with lyrics already written.

My producer then comes in with basic instrumental. We would play around with the melody and other instrumentation and keep rewriting until the song fit together.

Why have you waited until 2018 to release the album ?

It’s funny you should ask that because I didn’t actually intend on putting an album.

Honestly I wrote this album for myself, it was like therapy. It’s kind of like an outlet.

What song are you most looking forward to putting out and why?

I think panic attack, purely for its musicality.

Panic attack is actually written from the viewpoint of the person having a panic attack which was really interesting to do.

It’s a little raw and dark but I try to stay away from the generic stuff.

It fits in with the overall feel of the album, this idea that you are not alone regardless of what you are going through.

Musically Together and Second Best are very different, is this an indication for the versatility on the album?

Definitely. The album has loads of different feels. There are the more uptempo happy pop numbers as well as the more relaxed low key pop songs.

I’m not really sure what genre to put Panic Attack in. I love the bridge because it’s inspired by the moment where the different thoughts in your head overlap.

At what point did music become more than just a hobby?

Honestly I’d say it still is a hobby.

I am currently a student, and I want a pursue a career in medicine.

I went through a bad breakup and decided to get back in the studio after that.

If you could collaborate with any artist right now who would it be?

Hmm I would have to say country singer Lauren Alaina.

Finally what’s next for Kamryn Marie?

Hopefully more albums and maybe a tour in the distant future.