A refreshing talent in her style and sound, she is a captivating discovery. Her effortlessly flawless vocal mirrors her equally stunning looks as she performs with ease like a seasoned professional. Taking influence from multiple genres and artists, Madison has fluidity to her sound that drifts wide into the soundsphere.

Madison spoke to Ray Sang about her new music and more.

First things first loving “Oh mama” what’s the feedback been like so far?

So good! People have really been loving it. It recently got added to the spotify Afro-Bashment playlist too and has had an amazing response on there too!

For those who don’t know tell everyone a bit about how you began your musical journey?

I’ve always loved music and it’s always been something I wanted to do but I never knew how to get into it. I spent a bit of time trying to work on projects while working and studying but never took it really seriously or it never worked out for some reason. Last summer I decided to just go for it and began building my catalogue of songs, shortly followed by the release of my first single. It’s all progressed nicely since then and I haven’t stopped since!

What was it like opening for Cadet?

Cadet is like a big brother to me and I have a lot of time for him, so being able to go on just before him was amazing!

What’s your opinion on the UK R&B scene right now?

R&B is making a come back! It’s thriving and growing and I think the artists within the genre are really beginning to support and push one another. From DJ Ace’s first ever 1Xtra ‘Everything RnB’ show to the RnBrit group which pushes and supports UK talent (I’m a part of it) the opportunities and momentum are most definitely there! I’m excited!

If you could collaborate with any UK artists who would it be and why?

Probably Octavian. He’s so different and refreshing, I love that he has created his own sound.

Are there any tracks we should be looking out for?

I’ve got a single coming out early September called ‘Rum & Wine’ – it’s a different vibe to what I’ve done in the past but I’m really excited for it!

What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned during the process of writing and recording this EP?

To not be afraid to experiment and try new ideas and sounds. Innovation pushes you to be great, even if the idea doesn’t work you’re better off for trying!

Was all the music written by yourself?

Yes, I write or cowrite all of my tracks! I honestly love writing with other people, I think collaboration is so important in music, it creates ideas and concepts you normally may not have on your own. I’m picky with who I write with though, but so far the artists and writers I’ve been lucky enough to have involved have been amazing!

What’s the one thing you hope listeners will take away from this new EP?

That I’m here to stay. I hope it resonates and shows people a slice of my personality. I have come so far personally, yet I still have so much growing to do. I’m excited for the possibilities and I hope this EP makes other people excited too!

With a new song out and an EP on the way what’s next for Madison Paris?

More singles and more visuals!

Any final shoutouts or plugs?

Catch me on twitter and Instagram @madisonxparis

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