Showcasing flawless vocals Marcelle Adrianna has released her epic eight-track EP ‘The Prologue’. The project provides a snapshot into her life and sews together a series of conversations, voicenotes, voicemails, text messages and diary entries. In turn adapting a narrative relaying her story through her music. The lead single ‘Fall Back’ was exclusively premiered on DJ Ace’s Breakfast show on BBC Radio 1Xtra.

Marcelle caught up with Ray Sang to discuss her new EP.

What’s life as an artist been like since going solo?

It’s definitely taken some adjustment getting used to, like doing my first show by myself, first session and meetings. But I feel like I gained a new confidence in myself which is nice and it’s kind of dispersed any uncertainty I may have had there before. But being solo is great because I’m such a workaholic I get a lot done in double the time.

Let’s get into one of my favourites from the EP “realise”.

Firstly who was the song produced by and what as the writing process for the song like?

Aw it’s actually one of my favourites too! Realise was produced by Xvr Blck and composed by my amazing guitarist Adam Ward. It’s probably one of my favourites because of how and why I made it. So I had gone away back home on holiday to Guyana and took some of my studio stuff so I could write out there.

The song actually started as a voice note and some text messages. I was really conflicted at the time and kept just writing down different versions about how I was gonna give my little speech to this guy! I was so torn about the whole thing because like I said in the song I had promised him & we’re just going to be cool I got so agitated with the whole thing so I just decided it put it all in a song. I just took all the voicenote and created a melody around the words. After that I sent it to my best friend Monique who co wrote the EP with me and she loved it she changed a bit vocal production adding harmonies, different melodies and ad-libs and that was it!

There is a a Clear 90s influence throughout the project, who are your three biggest inspirations from that era?

Destiny’s Child, Christina Aguilera and Alicia Keys

Let’s talk about the voicemail interlude – was this improv or did you go into the booth knowing exactly what you were going to say?

I think its kind of both because the interlude is one of the real voice notes I actually sent. I had it still in my voice recordings from 2016 so yeah all of that was real.

Your lyrics are Very open/honest, were you nervous about being vulnerable on this project?

I’m nowhere near as worried about the vulnerability of this project …I most likely will be on the next one because I get very deep and personal on that one. But I’m a very honest person to begin with I always say what’s on my mind or how I feel about something .

There are songs in a range of tempos on the EP, is there a zone that you prefer? If so why?

I definitely did that on purpose because the kind of song that I want to listen to depends on the day. On any given day I could feel like listening to anything and that’s why it was so important for my to have a diverse range on the project. Something for every mood.

How did you decide the order of your tracklist?

The track list actually tells a story which will become a lot clearer once the visuals come out. It follows the last couple years of my life and relationships and situations I’ve had with people around me and myself. Failed relationships, falling in love with my best friend, my independence it’s all there chronologically.

Which was the hardest song on the EP to write and why?

Only one. It took me a year to write I had the beat sitting on my computer for so long and I was so annoyed because I couldn’t write to it. I probably tried like 50 times. But I loved the beat so much I knew I had to write something good to it. One day I came up with the hook …but after I wrote that I got writers block and couldn’t write to it for months before the verses came to me and then I wrote the rest of the bridge with Ace keyz in a session.

Will you be shooting any music videos for any of the songs from the EP?

Yes we’ve shot one already and I have some more in the works !!

What’s can we be expecting from you in the future?

More more more music. I have projects literally sitting around waiting to be released. Visual ideas, I have show coming up on the 24th. After the visuals come out I’m going to be releasing a bucket load of singles I feel like I’ve been dropping one song a year up until now but that about to change

Any final shoutouts or plugs?

The Prologue is available on all streaming sitesss!!! Have a listen.

Pictures taken by Andre Johnson

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