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As many of you know I had the pleasure of attending parallax earlier this year, where I was able to speak to a range of talented artists and designers.

When the opportunity presented itself to attend again, I leaped at the chance and was not disappointed with the exquisite piece I came across

I spoke with designers from across the world.

Cutting edge are the two words that come to mind when I think of upcoming artist Richard Hoffman.

Here’s what happened when we spoke about his journey so far.

What inspires your work?

I take inspiration from all over, I am a Fine artist trained at Saint Martins College of Art and Design but with an urban art edge. I love the freedom it provides to not be restricted and to capture energy in my works.

What is your favourite piece to date and why?

Each painting involves so much thought I find it very difficult to narrow down to a single piece. I adore my ‘mE MonSTAR’ series. The series deals with the human psyche and each work deals with an addiction to an issue we may all face. The originals react to ultraviolet and hint at memories of a dimly lit bedroom and monster under the bed.

I love the reaction viewers have had and the way people start to analyse the many elements. If I had to pick one today I would choose ‘mE Tech’, that deals with the need to use technology, however tomorrow I would choose another.

What do you want people to feel when they see your work?

I want to hint at questions but not answer them. I leave this to the viewer.  A lot of thought goes into each piece. I often hide details and try to get viewers to engage their analytical brain to unravel and interpret my works.

I love feedback from my collectors that they have started researching elements of the paintings to unpick hidden messages.

I also adore colour and adding a sense of humour to my work.

Why was it important for you to share your work at parallax?

Feedback is so important at my stage of my career. I returned to London for Parallax and the hugely popular London Film and Comic Con. From the sales and feedback I am freshly motivated to produce some exciting new works.

How would you describe your art in 3 words?

Colour, Theatre, Pop

Where are you based?

I was born and lived in London until around 2 years ago. Now I live and work from just outside of Sitges in Spain. My studio and home are all in the one location, no commute to work and the light is wonderful. I feel very lucky.

I now have a fantastically large studio space that I created. It is purpose-built with half of the space used as storage, which means the studio work space stays clean allowing me to work without any clutter about.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

A tough question, being only 9 months since I first exhibited in Barcelona, 27 exhibitions later I feel I have developed my craft well in that short time.

My first exhibition in Barcelona was with Art Lover Ground, a project that Federica Desantis founded to bring together art lovers on the same platform. It is a great project to be involved with and gave me the opportunity to show my works and gain feedback. As a consequence it’s been a roller coaster since, but I love it!

Only now I feel that I am in a position to focus on my strongest elements and expand my 3 strongest series of works. That being my ‘mE MonSTARS’, ‘Bootleg’ and a new exciting series that is under wraps.

I am thankful to Tatti Tacla and TTProducion who helped arrange my first month long solo that was a big success in June, at an edgy central Barcelona venue ‘Weed You’.

I am now in talks for further shows in major cities across the world over the next few years. I have a busy but exciting time ahead. I am grateful for the support of so many great people and venues, which is key to an emerging artist.

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