Introducing Croydon based artist Tevan. Paying homage to his own heritage he’s created a unique sound that he likes to call Desi Swing showcased on his debut single ‘Anyway’.

IndustryMe caught up with Tevan to find out a bit more about the man behind the music.

Let’s take it right back to the beginning. How long have you been making music and what made you decide to pursue it?

Music was initially something that I enjoyed but eventually over time it became somewhat of a passion. I have been songwriting for a couple years now and for me making music comes naturally, and if it didn’t, I simply wouldn’t pursue it!


How did your friends and family react when they found out that this is something you want to do?

My parents were initially shocked when I played them ‘Anyway’. Firstly, they didn’t realise I sounded like that and secondly, in our demographic, this is not one that is always seen as a viable option so to speak. The thing is, I think they knew deep down I was always going to pursue it because of the sheer passion I had for it. My close friends knew it was more of a ‘when is he going to make his first track’ rather than being shocked that I even did it. People who know me, will say that I’m always the one singing or doing some freestyle rap of some sort.  


When you introduce yourself as an artist, what is the first thing you say?

Live life to the max, with no regrets!


Your first single was mastered by Chris Athens who has worked with the likes of Usher, Rick Ross & Drake. How did that relationship come about?

‘Anyway’was produced by Patrick Osei, and thanks to his expertise, we were able to secure Chris Athens on board the project.

We know you’ve been spending a lot of time in the studio, what are you working on right now?

I’m working on my next single and I have other projects that I am a part of, so a lot to look forward to in 2019

If you could collaborate with any artist right now, who would it be and why?

Octavian! His vibe is off a different planet.

How would you say that your culture influences your music?

Being Asian and born in the UK, I grew up listening to a lot of Jay Sean and I look up to what he has gone on to do and achieve. Furthermore, I grew up listening to a lot of Tamil music thanks to my Dad who is a huge music advocate. I want the music I release to be a whole representation of me as an artist and what I have been through so far!

What’s the story behind your song “anyway”?

I don’t believe in a single event/story being so defining that a whole song is based around it. But what I do believe in, is that a collections of events may have occurred and lead me to write this song. At that specific time in my life, a couple things had occurred which influenced me and my perception. Love can be a heavy rollercoaster at times, but its up to us, to pick ourselves up and better ourselves in any way!

How did you come up with the concept for the video?

Eric Myers was the director behind the music video, we knew the vision we wanted in order to bring the song to life. We wanted to utilise the different styles of lighting and combined with the i8, we simply created a movie!

From the initial idea to recording the track what’s your creative process like?

I like to have a certain theme/idea for a track, and then base everything around that. Sometimes I write so effortlessly, I think its important to just vibe and freestyle on the beat, not give too much attention to getting a chorus/verse down but more so laying a catchy melody down.

Any final shoutouts or plugs?

A massive thank you to Hot Money Studios , Eric Myers and his team, Mediaworkx , Sunaree and TW for being a part and playing a massive role in my debut release ‘Anyway’.