Setting goals, can be quite easy however when it comes to sticking to them, well that part can be a little more tricky.

That’s exactly why I am writing this post.

Today I’ll be sharing tips on how to stick to your goals and let you in on things that have helped me.

How Do You Stick to your Goals?

Write Them Down
The first part would be to write your goals down which allows the goal to become more real to you.
Many people tend to set goals in their minds but often find themselves forgetting about them. Having it out in front of you helps with avoiding this. If you’re stuck on how to implement this tip check out our post on writing things down

Differentiate Your Short-Term Goals From Your Long-Term Goals
Separating the two will help you to have a clearer plan on how you want to achieve them. A short-term goal will have a completely different route to a long-term goal. Plus you’ll feel a lot more inspired to achieve your long term goals after ticking off your short term goals
Make It Your Passion
If you are not passionate about the things you want to achieve, then you might as well forget about it.
Blunt I know, but your why is exactly what will keep you going when things get tough.
In order to fulfill your aspirations, you need to keep striving for them and with that passion, I am sure you will get there.
Give it ALL you’ve got!

Set Time Aside To Work On Them
Taking 10-15 minutes a day just working on your goal will help you to stay passionate.
Every day will not be easy, and you will come across some hard days, but those are the days you need to push through!
Taking this time will ensure that you are always making progress, no matter how small.

Keep Yourself Motivated
This one can be done in many ways.
You can talk to people that are in the same field as you where you can share your opinions and experiences. You could even find a book that speaks about motivation. The key is to keep going and to find as many ways as possible to keep yourself going.
Sticking to your goals can be challenging. However, following these tips can help to give you that extra push you need to see things through.

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