Hey there country lovers, it appears our country princess Risa Binder is back at it again with her new single ‘You-Haul’.

The song details that post break sigh of relief, when you know you’ve made the right decision and you are ready to move forward. Think Beyonce irreplaceable only country.

It’s a super fun party-vibe breakup song, letting you celebrate the next part of your life after a relationship ends.

‘You Haul’ was produced by Grammy Award winning producer Luke Wooten, who is also in the studio with Risa for a full length album to be released later this year.

The modern day breakup song is fun, fresh and fierce and is the perfect anthem for all those who are hashtag over it.

What I love most about this song is that even without a music video, you can imagine every scene. Binder most definitely has a way with words, with the amazing ability to create such vivid imagery with her lyrics.

Check out ‘You Haul’ HERE.

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