written by Laura Zabo  

In the 20th century we caused so much harm to our planet. We forgot how to live in harmony with the earth. Now we are realizing that we need to put a stop to this damage and to decrease the effects of our past. The abundance of trash is also a tremendous problem and we need to make more room for ideas that help us get rid of it or transform the excess, instead of producing more and more.

Laura ZABO strives to create a cleaner world by using creativity and imagination to make sustainable, cruelty-free products. The ZABO collection is unique, versatile and incredibly stylish. Working with discarded bicycle, car tyres and inner tubes that she saves from a future as landfill, she has developed a visually stunning and environmentally focused selection of belts, jewellery, dog accessories, guitar straps, even clothing and sandals.

Scrap tyres are a rapidly growing problem on this planet, with over 2 billion tyres dumped globally every year. They take decades to break down and often pile up on landfill sites, taking up valuable space and clogging up our planet. We need to find imaginative and creative eco-solutions for the increasing amount of waste on our planet and transform it into useful and sustainable treasure. 

The Zabo items are durable, making the accessories hard wearing. Every item is unique due to the different patterns and each recycled tire is helping the environment.

This is the time for a new-age of eco-consciousness and we need to alter our behavior so that we can make a change. By becoming eco-conscious, we can teach the future generations ways that we can do our part in society.

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new” – Socrates

In Laura’s Words

I was inspired by seeing items made by the Maasai for sale in the markets in Tanzania.  I realized that I could create fashion that was beautiful but also that would use materials that were destined just to be thrown away, take generations to break down and poison the Earth. Now we can not only save, but also celebrate, these tyres and tubes!