Written by —Gabeal Davis

Myke The Artist has come a long way since the first time I’ve met him years ago after the release of the visual for his first single ‘Son’ – featuring Dub Dope. Since the start of his musical career, he’s moved from Kentucky to New York to pursue a music career and released his first album Chasing Paradise. Now it seems like he is preparing to release some more music.

In preparation for a new project he has been sharing some amazing covers on his Instagram. From Easter Dean to Bilal he has covered some of R&B’s hottest songs past and present.

As for his album Chasing Pavements, it is a solid body of work that any R&B lover would appreciate. Written entirely by himself, his songwriting is sound and his voice captivates its listeners with his mesmerizing tone. Some standout tracks off the project are “Animals”, “CLOUD 9”, and “The Key To My Heart”.

My personal favorite is his single “The Key To My Heart”. In the song, Myke talks about how he feels about the lady of his life and the reasons why he gave her the key to his heart. By giving her the keys to his heart she essentially now hold the most valuable thing that he has and if shows his trust in her.

I love the simplicity of the song and can relate to how he feels about his special someone. How he goes hard to provide for her and how he loves coming home to her after a long day. Most people can relate to having these feelings he’s talking about.

Even though the song is mostly made up of its chorus, Myke’s harmony and riffs helped me not care about the repetition of the chorus through most of the song.

If you interested in learning and hearing more from Myke follow him on Instagram and YouTube.

Gabeal Davis