Guyana Carnival had a UK launch party to showcase costume designs for 2019.


Here is how it all went down….

Last month Guyana Carnival UK held a Launch Party for this years upcoming carnival. The Guyana Carnival is a privately owned festival which takes in place in Georgetown Guyana from May 17th-27th 2019.

The Guyana Carnival UK team are responsible for the marketing of the Carnival within Europe. The team put together a fun filled night that included the latest Soca music, traditional Guyanese food, entertainment and of course Carnival costumes.

As a Guyanese girl and Soca lover myself, the evening was right up my street. The Soca music was pumping as the rum flowed through the crowd. Myself and eager spectators waited patiently to get a first look at the costumes set to take over the streets of Guyana for Carnival.

The costumes

London based designer Patricia Sawyer did not come to disappoint. The three costumes from her ‘BARTICA’ section had everything you would except to see in a Carnival costume. The gemstones,the feathers, the bright colours, you name it. Each costumes spoke for itself but the models helped to bring the vision to life.

The models showcased one front line costume and two back line designs. Front line costumes are much more elaborate and bolder than back line costumes. If you are unable to tell both designs apart, the designer has done something wrong.

It is safe to say that Patricia did not make any mistakes. I was very impressed, especially with the choice of colours. The light pink, orange and green was the perfect combination of colours as they helped to bring the costumes to life. I wanted to sign up for a costume there and then but had to stop myself in my tracks.

 The future is bright

It was great to see so many people passionate about the growth of within  Guyana Carnival.  Now going into its second year of operation the Carnival is set to boost tourism within Guyana. Potentially attracting thousands of tourists and Carnival lovers from all over the world. 

It may not be as big like Carnivals such as Trinidad or Barbados but it has the potential to get there. I can only imagine how much it will grow in the years to come.

A big thank you to Guyana Carnival UK for putting on such an eventful evening. Be sure to follow them on Instagram @GuyanaCranivalUK

 If you are interested in attending the 2019 Carnival in Guyana check out more information via the official website


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