New year, new sound for Hannah Brown.

The striking lyrical clarity of this song is apparent from the very beginning.

Tacking the struggles of navigating a very confusing modern day society “further away” leaves no stone unturned, touching on everything from self motivation to retirement.

It speaks on wanting to achieve great things while simultaneously struggling to complete the little things.

Any other millennials relating right now?

Hannah’s warming tone creates an instant connection with listeners, making the song all the more relatable

2018 proved to be a turning point for Hannah both creatively and professionally, with the introduction of a bigger live setup that debuted in late July. Hannah’s first single with the band – “Further Away” – features a more aggressive delivery than listeners are used to, with powerful guitars and an assured vocal to match.

This new found conviction comes as a response to the challenges faced by current society, particularly for young people in a restless Britain.

Hannah’s Passion really shines through on the track, a clear indication that ste is in her element

In an era where everyone is attempting to mask their shortcomings with an Instagram filter, Hannah’s unfiltered sentiments are refreshingly honest.

Creating a reassuring sense of familiarity the pop influenced rock ballad exhibits Hannah’s clear growth as an artist, on a track that very much feels like an artistic coming of age

Hannah brown debuts new single further away

I fell in love with the guitars perhaps because they gave me real Yellowcard circa “wyttsy” vibes. (Yes I was a huge fan of that band). Very few artists can put me in zone they did but this sure came pretty close.

Ultimately this song serves as timely reminder that you are not alone on this rollercoaster of life and there’s another perfectly imperfect person out there, who just like you, is determined to be successful.

Its the confession I didn’t know I needed to hear but I am grateful I did.

Engaging, transparent and melodically pleasing “Further Away” is a song I hope will be a hit – it certainly sounds like one to me!

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