Here’s what happened when Ray Sang spoke to Hy Direct about winning the Redbull Raise The Bar Challenge and more.

Let’s start from the beginning. How did you hear about RedBull’s competition and what made you want to enter in the first place?

I heard about the RedBull competition through my management team who came across it a week before the competition date on social media. The reasons I wanted to enter are:

1) I really loved the instrumental from Team Salut and

2) I’ve always wanted to go to London to pursue something musically and here I had the chance which I didn’t want to pass up on.

Break down the writing process for the 16 that you sent in?

So, my first thoughts were to come at a different angle and think out side the box, and try be a bit quirky. Then the more I listened to it I realised my mind was telling me don’t over think it too much and go with your gut instinct which was to go with the theme of the title of the instrumental ‘Lover’. So on this I built my lyrics around this concept and it took off from there.

How did you know that this was the verse that represented you best?

I felt like it was a very real experience when I was writing it and from the first line ‘stepped through saucin’ I already knew that this was a good opening line to represent how I felt about myself at that moment in time. It also gave me an opportunity to go with the theme Lover by making the person I was connecting with in the verse feel important.

Where were you when you find out that you’d won and describe what that felt like?

I was at home on the Friday after finishing long week at work, and I got a notification on Twitter congratulating me on winning. The feeling at the time was just surreal, excitement. I just felt like I put a lot of hard work into making this work, travelling, competing with 70+ contestants, and making it all work. It was just an emotional, amazing feeling.

What’s the response to the single been like so far?

I hear the song at least once a day, people singing it back to me or playing it out loud. A lot of people like the song and I’ve had a lot of great feedback which motivates me to want to do more for people to listen to old and new fans and followers.

Being on a track with Team Salut is a pretty big move, what do you hope to do with the exposure this song has given you?

I just want to build of it. Working with them is definitely something that helps me believe that I am good enough to work with some of the best artists and producers in the UK. I’d like to take this experience and use it for new music, build more of a buzz and fan base to take me to the next level in my career.

The track features yourself and a few other artists, do you intend to collaborate with any of them in the near future?

Yeah, I’ve met some good people that are really talented so working with them would be a sure thing in the future once I’ve finished current projects I will be reaching out to them and have some ideas in the pipeline.

What are you working on at the moment?

I am currently working towards an EP for the end of the year. I am also launching a clothing line this Summer ‘DIRECT’ were on the final stages on that at the moment. Got a few performances lined up for over the summer so got a lot to look forward to.

Any upcoming releases we should be looking out for?

Yeah, I have two singles coming out in June ‘Manners’ which is already available on all digital outlets now, Music video to follow in June. Also releasing ‘Sounds Good’ towards the end of the month as a follow up single and of course the EP I’m working on which title is yet undecided but as soon as I find out I will let you know.

Any final shoutouts or plugs?

I wanna shout out the Direct Management team, and all the people that have stuck with me and continue to follow and support me on my journey. Of course shouts to RedBull and Team Salut for the opportunity on this project. And finally shout out to yourself Ray for giving me the time to share this experience with you.