‘I Am My Own’: Lili Kendall on Being Your Own Safe Space

When things don’t seem to be going your way, what do you do? Do you ever turn to music? That’s exactly what Lili Kendall did. Born in Australia but based in LA, the pop/R&B newcomer dealt with plenty of struggles and doubts when she made the move. So she did what any songwriter would do in her situation.

She wrote about it.

And that’s how ‘i am my own’ was born. The song is deep, personal, and for anyone who has dealt with periods of adjustment, discomfort, and doubt. With a message of self-love, it’s perfect for anyone who needs to work on their relationship with the self.

IndustryMe got to chat with Lili Kendall about ‘i am my own,’ her upcoming album, and more.

lili kendall

How did you get into the music business? What has your musical journey been like?

My mum took me under her wing and managed me from 13 to 18, she was kinda just figuring out the music industry as we went a long. Then I decided to venture off on my own, which was a whole different, unsheltered experience. I worked as a writer and artist in Sydney, and played live shows with my band in Brisbane till I was 20. I got my visa and moved to LA in 2017, found my feet as my own writer and artist in a new industry, created more than I ever have, connected with more creatives than I ever have, and subsequently got to form a debut project I am really proud of.

You’re originally from Australia – what’s the music scene like over there, especially compared to Los Angeles, where you’re now based?

I feel like I’ve definitely spent more time and gotten to know the business side of the industry here a lot better than the Australian industry…most of my time spent back home, I was young and naive and didn’t even really consider myself in an industry, I was just creating with friends. Going home and reintroducing myself into that market again over the last year, it’s pretty similar, just on a smaller scale. I think the globalization of the world and the music industry has almost kind of put all the markets on par with each other. That and technology has made it easier to make good quality music, the art to support that music, and to connect people to it…

Which artists most influence you and your music?

My best friends are incredible women and artists, so they definitely are huge influences on me creatively. I have a wide range of music taste but some of my favorites right now are Victoria Monet, Silk Rhodes, Snoh Aalegra, Brent Faiyaz, H.E.R, SiR, Terrace Martin, Rosalia, Bakar & Celeste.

“i am my own,” sounds deeply personal and courageously promotes having a loving relationship with yourself – what inspired the track?

I needed reassurance that even if everything wasn’t going to turn out to plan, it was going to be ok. And I was still going to have a safe space within myself that I could and can always turn to for comfort.

lili kendall

Your latest video has such intriguing and unique visuals, complete with aliens, intergalactic travel, and wild hair. Where did the idea come from?

My good friend, Caroline Iaffaldano wrote and directed the video. Her film style is super dramatic and camp. She had the idea of me traveling through different galaxies only to find my home is within myself. Funny enough if you notice the priest marrying me off to my alien girlfriend, he played my lover in the music video for “love, herself” that came out last year, which I thought was a cute lil quirky detail.

We’re so excited for your upcoming debut, love, herself. What was it like working on it?

Very healing. Sometimes the perspective you need of a situation is through the music. It allowed me to write and process what I went through the last two years.

What else can we expect from love, herself?

I think expectations are a human fault of ours, especially when we put them on others. But I guess you can expect her to be honest and truthful in her stories and experiences, so that hopefully someone, somewhere, can relate to the message she bares.

What are your plans for 2020?

To release my project, build my fan base, play live to new people and places, and continue to release more art and music.

To keep up with the latest on Lili Kendall, follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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