Recently posted on Link Up TV (source of some of the finest freestyles too), the visual gateway through the latest project had opened up and what an introduction it was! Back once more with a directorial collaboration with the amazing Amanda Marie Rose, B Joux brings forth ‘No Regrets’.

Ironically, the beginning seems like such an appropriate ending for this video: a pair of legs in a dark field stumble towards the only light, ashy, half naked and laboured. Fast forward to a comfortable throne, occupied by B Joux himself, beside a vinyl record player. Beneath the crown he’s wearing is quite the surprise.

The culmination of high & low velocity pans and flashes really tie this rebirth together. In what look like J-Molley or even Derek Wise inspired stylistic scenes, the boys gather for an evening of shenanigans on a soccer field because – why the hell not? And no rapper’s music video is complete without the occasional wrist watch glare.

Although there are songs on the project that would have made for cracker first singles, B Joux has definitely saved some of the bangers and a couple of pace-setters for the project. What a way to spend all that Lost Time.

by NayPalmNeo

Enthusiast / Occasional wearer of purple hair January 16th, 2018