IndustryMe is a blog that champions creativity across the creative industries. It is a platform that documents the journeys of a multitude of budding creatives across the world. Recently it has also become a place for enlightening others on how to manoeuvre the challenges that accompany the creative journey; with the introduction of the Top Tip Tuesday segment.

Each month follows a theme with February’s being love.

For the month of March the theme is going green. The focus will be on sustainability and ethical business across the creative industries.

The creative industry covers a wide range of areas including music fashion , art, film and more. As you may already know I have a particular interest in Music, Art and interiors. So with that being said I will be calling upon the expertise of some of my new found friends from the blogger community.

I want IndustryMe to be a platform that is concerned about more than just documenting the present and one that looks to the future.

You are probably thinking Ray how on earth is this relevant to your niche? Let me ask you this. Have you ever given any thought to how much fuel it takes to run a van/bus when an musician goes on tour? How about the impact of the use of wood in the interior design world and its subsequent effect on sustainability. What about the harmful chemicals in paint and other substances used by artists?Don’t even get me started on fashion and beauty. No really, that’s definitely NOT my area of expertise, but that’s why we have guest bloggers 😉.

So you see it’s not such a random campaign after all.

This month will feature varied content including interviews, product reviews and general tips for going green.

While I may not be able to change the world, who knows I might inspire the mind who will.

Stick around over the course of the next month to find out what each of us can to do ensure that our industries can be enjoyed by future generations in a manner that doesn’t harm the environment.