Imani Beau Releases Beautiful Debut EP, Felt

From Brooklyn, New York with Jamaican heritage, Imani Beau is relatively new to the music scene, but she is not letting that stop her from paving her music future. Honesty and humour combined; Imani Beau is an emerging presence to be noted. The Way I Want You is one of four tracks on her debut EP ‘Felt’ which centres around that all-encompassing emotion of love, as well as a number of other topics for discussion. 

Originally written at the time a now extinguished flame was burning bright, Imani used the passion and emotions to craft The Way I Want You into being. I appreciate her attitude to this origin, stating, “We didn’t work, but such is life”, moving on to remind us, “The song is still […] fire!” and she is not wrong. This is a refreshing viewpoint of taking the positive out of a situation and not letting our accomplishments be disregarded by exterior implications. 

The Way I Want You manipulates pace incredibly well, pausing at just the right moments to hook you on the next beat and later accelerating the melody which gives a free-flowing effect that encompasses the entire song in a consistent pull and release wave of smooth rhythm and relaxing seductive vocals. 

Described as having a ‘honeyed and sublime vocal tone’, her voice matches the tone exceptionally well and is essential to the success of the song as a whole, melding the melody, backing, and evolving sections together. The production backing is crafted to maintain an R&B rhythm, accentuates hints of sensuality, yet doesn’t shy away from some punchier moments as the song progresses, keeping the listener engaged with the variation. 

 An incredibly captivating, silky listen to sit back and enjoy. 

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