One Time – Ayo Beatz ft Alicai Harley

This was one of those collaborations that I immediately got excited about as soon as I saw it on my time line. This song captures the essence of the urban London aurora down to a tee. I have no doubts that this song will be making an appearance on many-a-playlist this summer.

Tops down and instagram captions at the ready. This catchy uptempo Afro rap number is full of memorable one liners and great Afro-Caribbean flavour.

Alicai Harley – Naah done

Not only is the hot shot slaying her features but, London’s dancehall queen is showing the masses that she can hold her own on the summer banger “Naah done”.

Complete with catchy lyrics and the confidence we’ve all grown to love this song is an absolute vibe.

Streetbeatz, Dun D and Timbo – Holiday

The three artists have teamed up for for an afro-bashment track that has strictly feel-good vibes.

Encompassing a mixture of afro-wave and afro-bashment, ‘Holiday’ evokes an abundance of feel-good vibes. Although each artist individually creates a different variation of the afro-fusion genres, the song is the playground where all these influences meet and the uplifting nature of the track is perfectly paired with the visuals, set on a beautiful beach backdrop in a tropical location.

Kenyon Dixon – Drippin

As to be expected based on Kenyon’s previous work, this new single is overflowing with major bedroom playlist vibes. The carefree spirit of “Drippin’” is sweet and grown – its infectious guitar, sensuous chords, and layered vocals tools for an unabashed pursuit of fun.

CHRIS McCLENNEY – downforwhatever

Staying true to his penchant for bass driven R&B, Chris’ “downforwhatever” represents a more anthemic side to his music thanks to the undeniably catchy hook of the single. Suited up with ticking 808, piano chords, and a sonically rich vocal performance, “downforwhatever” proves one of Chris’ most infectious and memorable productions to date. Like the majority of his original releases, “downforwhatever” was also written, produced, and performed solely by Chris.

Party Like Bob Marley-Kamryn Marie at Profisi Kev

This was a completely different sound for Kamryn Marie but I absolutely loved it. She certainly brought the feel good factor with the bashment inspired track. The song, clearly an ode to Caribbean culture, is one that is guaranteed to have you shaking a leg with catchy lyrics and smooth production and a celebratory mood that is just infectious.

My 404 – Party Nails

Party Nails is the moniker of Los Angeles based musician Elana Belle Carroll. She is a prolific songwriter, producer, singer and guitarist hailing from Chatham, New York.

This song made my list simply because of the excellent juxtaposition of the vocal stylings and the production. This unusual fusion synth infused electro pop, which very much reminded me or la roux, and touches of reggae was simply inspired and made for a great song.


Returning with striking lyrics and the unique vocal stylings I’ve grown to love, IMAN’s heart felt pop number tells the story of her creative journey and the ups and downs of life as a songwriter.

As always her lyrics remain authentic and honest.

Cashh- You Deserve It

Front and centre with the Caribbean flavour Cashh returns with another brand new feel good, perfect for the sunshine. I particularly enjoyed the vocal production on this track. This smooth dancehall infused song will most definitely be one for the bbq.

Hold a corner and vibe!

He Ain’t Me Remix – Ricardo Williams ft Lioness

I have been a massive fan of Lioness since the good for a girl era (maybe even a bit before that) so I expected to like this remix even before I heard it.

I am also a huge fan of Ricardo Williams’ vocals. The budding R&B powerhouse did not come to play with killer harmonies and riffs dripping in sauce.

Lioness came through with that captivating lyrical bravado providing a transparent and engaging female perspective to this urban spin on a common R&B narrative.

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