Music supervisor of Comedy Central’s Broad City, producer, DJ, and food connoisseur Matt FX unveils his new show ‘IN THE MIX WITH MATT FX.’ The brand new digital series created by Matt FX and Genius Kitchen, explores the intersection between modern food and music culture.

IndustryMe caught up with Matt FX to discuss how the show came together and more.

We all know you as an incredible DJ but in this series we get to see whole new side of you as food connoisseur. Where did your love for food begin?

I never ate baby food! My mother grew up during a very tumultuous time in China and didn’t always have food to eat so she spoiled the hell out of me. Apparently from super early on I was just eating whatever my parents were eating, just blended into mush.

If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life what would it be and why?

This answer changes for me every couple of years, to be honest. That said, there’s this remix I used to do to some chinese takeout that’s definitely up there. I came up with it as a way of taking two lunch specials and turning it into something I could feed 5, 6 stoned friends back in the day.

Basically, I would get one order that was a half fried chicken w/ pork fried rice and one order that was boneless spare ribs with pork fried rice. I’d re-fry the rice and add a couple things – some more veggies, scrambled egg, especially some hot sauce – for flavor, and throw the char siu (boneless spare ribs) in the toaster oven to get a bit more of a char on it. I’d serve the whole thing in a bowl – one half fried rice, one half alfafa sprouts. I’d top the sprouts with some chopped avocado, some radish, and a lime wedge, and then top the fried rice with a piece of fried chicken and some spare ribs. Garnish the bowl w/ some crushed roasted peanuts and Voila! Food for 6 people for like 20 bucks or so. I think we called it ‘The Bethune Street Special,’ after the block I grew up on.

What inspired you to combine your two passions by way of this series?

After MTV Wonderland I realized how much I enjoyed being myself in front of the camera, but how little I wanted to just interview artists about their new music or whatever. After a little thinking, the ideally of exploring my love of food came naturally, and when we thought about what would potentially make  a show special, we realized that marrying my love of these two things might be the way!

Matt FX preparing a dish on his brand new cooking series

What can people expect to see on the series?

As much of the food and music culture of NYC and LA as we could shoot in 9 days!!!

Episode one sees you travelling around the colourful city of New York, what was it like shooting in your home city?

At first pretty insane, and then somewhat quickly pretty natural. In most places in NYC people don’t really pay attention to what you do – it’s New York, no one cares. That feels very free-ing.

Where are some of your favourite food stops to hit in New York?

Watch the show and find out!!!! I ain’t kidding around.

Matt FX preparing a dish on his brand new cooking series

Why did you decide to collaborate with genius kitchen on this project?

We actually teamed up with Rock Shrimp, the production company run in part by Bobby Flay. They were the ones who brought Genius Kitchen in – honestly, for us, more than anything we were just excited to embark on this journey of making our own show. Grateful to everyone who’s helped make it a reality.

Name something that filming this series has taught you?

To trust my instincts! To stay firm about what I believe in, that I’m *starting* to know what I’m doing. Also how much you can get done in 9 days!!!

What’s the best thing about hosting your own show?


Finally What do you hope people will take away from the series?

I hope people come away from watching this series with a better understanding and  respect for different types of cultures, sub-cultures, and cuisines. I hope it makes people more curious to go out and try new things – new flavors and genres that they might not have otherwise.

The photographs featured come from episode two in the series featuring singer/songwriter Synead (@synead), and Global Lead of African Music & Culture at Spotify – Tunde Ogundipe