This week’s featured artist is a prime example of consistency is key in action.

Abel Miller has been on my radar since the days of “No Gentleman” – yes, I know, what an utter throwback! It should come as no surprise that I was elated when I heard he was coming out with a new project.

But of course that meant that in addition rapidly increasing anticipation I also had very high expectations for this EP.

While I was looking for classic R&B, this project presented a more contemporary R&B vibe occasionally dabbling in dancehall and Afro swing, which more or less remained within a consistent midtempo range.

While this indeed took me by surprise, it made for an enjoyable listening experience. It very much felt like getting to know the artist again as a new listener.

A standout feature of the EP was its production.

Speaking on production process Abel said:

For this project it was actually quite straight-forward picking producers as all the producers on this EP I have been working with for a while now and we know each other’s sound. So it was just a case of explaining what direction I wanted to go in next and I already knew they knew my sound Elson Barbosa especially as he produced 4 out of 6 on this project.

Lyrically “Ride for me” caught me off guard. The track is a lot more edgy than Abel’s previous material, offering a teaser to what appears to be a newfound confidence for the singer. Speaking on the track he said

Yes it is a lot more edgy it’s a different side to my music that’s always been there but it was just a case of bringing it out on the right production, on this song in particular I wanted it to be more uptempo to my past releases and just be catchy.

So, which tracks were my personal favourites?


Birthday is the type of track you play as you’re getting ready to go out. You know the one where you get so lost in the music you forget what you’re actually supposed to be doing. I like the song simply because of how effortless the vibe was, just an organic feel good song.London based UK R&B singer Abel Miller talking about his new EP private island with industryMe


Hints of the old school Abel over new school production. My favourite track from the EP. I think he got the balance just right here. The Dancehall influence may be glaringly obvious but Abel does not neglect that R&B flavour we all fell in love with. This is a track I’d love to see a video for, perhaps selfishly because I already have ideas for the visuals in my head.


This song was a more seductive contemporary R&B number complete with spicy feature from J Spades. There’s a part of me that wanted a little more of this vibe on the EP. I think this area in which Abel is vocally strongest and one which I hope to see him explore further in the future.

But of course I still had a few unanswered questions.

Why did you opt for releasing an EP as opposed to an album?

I feel personally that I have been away for a while in terms of releasing projects with visuals so wanted people to warm to the new sound and what better way to do it than with an EP!

In light of this new EP how would you describe your sound?

It has R&B chords but with island/Afro-swing drum patterns to bring that vibe. If I had to give one word I’d say “vibrant”.

The majority of the EP features a range of mid-up tempo songs is this a style you’ll be exploring more in the future?

Most definitely I want to have songs that you can move to as well as the slower tempo music.

London based UK R&B singer Abel Miller talking about his new EP private island with industryMe

Being someone that’s been in the industry for such a long time, what keeps you inspired to make music?

It’s a grind believe me on that! But it’s something I love to do and have been doing practically all my life from singing in church, high school choirs to releasing music videos all of it, so it’s really my calling and that’s what keeps me inspired I feel it’s what I’m meant to be doing.

What’s next for Abel Miller?

At the moment you can look for the EP and also a headline show no date as of yet but I look forward to putting this on. And the worlds your oyster as they say so just going to continue working hard on the new sound.

Any final shoutouts or plugs?

Yes thank you, I would like to shout  out everyone involved in pushing this project and you guys for the interview! Also Elson Barbosa (Producer) and Co-Writer Darren B these guys have worked with me consistently throughout.

Be sure to checkout The EP which is live Now:

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