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Anon aims to raise awareness of male suicide and depression with the inspirational ‘Medicated’ Ft. The Grime Violinist.

Here’s what happened when IndustryMe got to know more about the upcoming rapper and the inspiration behind his latest single.

So you you grew up in South London? What was that like and how do you think it has influenced your music?

Grew up in Croydon, to be honest I enjoyed it. Yeah I got in with the wrong crowd and stuff but I learnt life skills. Shit you don’t learn in school. People skills. Started rap battling in college as a way to more just prove my worth to people. Then it just went on from there really!

Medicated is a very personal and vulnerable song, did you ever have second thoughts about sharing it with the world?

More from certain people than the world. I wanted to share it with the world and wanted people to understand it but it’s tough to hear for my family you know. No matter what my situation is with them I know they’ll always worry about me init. So puttin that track out there obviously is just letting EVERYONE know how I feel. Can be selective.

Conceptually from the lyrics to the visuals everything about this song is appears to be planned in a great level of detail. Can you tell us about your creative process?

When I wrote medicated I knew I had more to say. So in my head I knew I wanted to link 2 songs with a short story. A hard hitting story which will make people look at their life and think. Maybe I should ask my pal if he’s actually ok. Or maybe I should look out for signs. So when I was writing it yeah I had a picture of the story I wanted to tell.

Were there any lyrics that made you think ‘I dont know if I can say this’ and why did you decide to keep them?

Better off dead. That’s what I’m constantly thinking about me. I did wonder if that was too blunt. But then it leaded to the next part so perfectly and it’s how I feel. So why change it.

Why was it important for you share your story?

Because I want to raise awareness of mental health and let others know if they feel the same they ain’t alone. That was my problem for years. There wasn’t a song that told me it was ok to feel how I felt. There wasn’t I could really relate to perfectly so I wrote my own one and hoped others could relate or learn from it.

What are the biggest issues you think artists face when it comes to mental health?

Not knowing who to talk to. It’s hard because you have this reputation. This persona you had to upkeep. You can’t be looking like you ain’t showered in days. You can’t be looking like you’ve not slept in days. You can’t be saying I don’t wanna get out of bed. There’s pressure constantly and with no one to talk about this with without them saying yeah but you still gotta getthis done etc. It’s hard. You feel alone and locked in your head with these issues.

You have been doing music for some time now but took some time out to focus on your mental health, what was going through your during the time you were away?

I had to get myself a diagnosis. An understanding of what was controlling the majority of my life. So I spent years trying to get these answers to be able to get myself in a place I’m in now where I can almost advise others on it. I’ve had gone through therapists. Medications. Everything. Suicide attempts. Drugs abuse. Homelessness. But I’ll still be here to let people know that they can get through it too. And I can only do that because I’ve spent years getting these answers I needed so I had coping mechanisms.

Medicated also features the the grime Violinist how did that collaboration come about?

grime violinist had shown me some love on Instagram through me doing her challenges and stuff like that. I’ve always admired her work and what she can do to a beat and when TK beats sent me the beat and I had my lyrics. I knew only one things was needed and that was grime violinist to put her touch to it and it literally brought it to life. I asked her to come studio and collab and she did, I remember walking into the studio. I hadn’t heard what she had prepared. And she was playing it in a room separate.  I walked in and it just hit me in a mad way. So yeah was mad to work with her.

The video ends with ‘too be continued’ is this an indication that there’s still more to be said on the subject of mental health within your music?

Yeah there’s a part 2…obviously we saw the main character heading towards the train tracks at the end of the video. We have to see what happened right?

You have an EP on the way this year right? What can we expect to hear from you?

My ep is coming yeah. Diagnosed. It’s gonna be hard hitting ep. I love word play and telling stories. So expect plenty of that.

Are there any songs we should be looking out for?

It’s not you it’s me is my favourite. Just my attempt of a love song really. Heard what I’ve heard the follow up to medicated is pretty deep too. It’s about suicide awareness.

Any final shoutouts or plugs?

Shoutout defenders. Britain’s got barz team. 🙏🙌 ep out soon watch out for part 2 of medicated dropping soon too

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