This was a song I got excited about as soon I heard it. This song is pure genius. Everything from the production, to the hook, to the verses is well executed and very much feels radio ready.

The song cleverly offers both aspects of the male perspective when it comes to breakups, which made for a nice contrast.

Moving past the songs vibe, which I’ll be the first to say will provide the ideal backdrop for all your motives this summer, let’s talk musicality.

I don’t even know what genre to place this song in. There are elements of pop music, reggaeton or bashment (can’t quite decide) after the beat drops, and a 90s R&B influenced melody throughout.

The real shock was when the first rapper threw in some Spanish twang on his verse, adding another layer to the idea of expecting the unexpected.

Rhythmically all the featured rappers were right on cue, each offering clean yet distinct flows.

This multidimensional number incorporated classic elements of previous popular culture while staying fresh and consistent with the music prominent in the mainstream.

The harmonies dotted around the track were a nice touch and with everything going on production wise I appreciated that they were not overdone.

I also really enjoyed the instrumental breakdown in the bridge and the way the beat was chopped and screwed. The Unexpected tempo change added an extra level of spice.

Birmingham has stepped into the building.

I look forward to seeing the music video for this which a little birdy tells me will be out very soon.

Check out the song here and let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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