#IMMusicMonday: Daniel Furlong Wants Listeners To Feel ‘Safe’

21 year old Irish singer songwriter Daniel Furlong returns with his second single ‘Safe’.

The track is a follows the success of his debut single, ‘Spread My Wings‘ which opened in the top 20 Irish tracks on iTunes in March of this year, amassing 20,000 streams.

‘Safe’ is an emotive pop ballad, which marries warm grand piano melodies with uplifting strings and delicate harmonies to convey a flurry of feelings.

The clarity with which Furlong sings made for an incredibly convincing vocal delivery in which he explores the idea of being there for someone in their time of need.

The song tells the story of someone supporting a loved one throughout a difficult time.

Speaking about the track Daniel shared:

“My inspiration for ‘Safe’ was a desire to combat that feeling of being alone and struggling in a dark place. I think most people can relate to a time when they needed a helping hand and I wanted to write a song that could empower people to reach out, open up and fight their way back.”

Furlong’s ‘Safe’ arrives at a time that despite appearing connected via social media, many people feel isolated and unable to share their struggles with those around them. Exploring possible reasons for this Daniel Furlong says

“I think there are a couple of reasons as to why people are reluctant to reach out for help when they need it. For example, feeling like they are a burden, feeling ashamed of asking for help, or sometimes they can feel so alone that they think no one would care about them.”

Agreeing that comparison may just be the thief of joy Furlong continued stating:

“I think the main reason for this sense of loneliness stems from people comparing their personal life to someone else’s highlight reel. It’s an inaccurate representation. I think this can have a knock on effect on their self worth, which could then lead to that sense of loneliness.”


It’s Daniel Furlong’s hope that tracks like ‘Safe’ will help listeners feel a little less lonely.

The Irish singer is continuing to work on his songwriting and hopes to spend the foreseeable future in the studio.

You can stream ‘Safe’ is out now on all streaming platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, and iTunes.

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