Introducing Dominique De Beau.

Taking the plunge and moving to London at the age of 18 to join a band, she crossed paths with Grammy-winning producer Narada Michael Walden, known for his work with Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey and the legendary Aretha Franklin. Having had the opportunity to work across the pond in San Francisco, Atlanta and LA she honed her craft and began funnelling her distinguished sound and inimitable style into her own music, as a solo artist.

To date she has released two EPs, first of which was her debut ‘Unforgettable’ seeing several of the tracks placed on highly streamed mixtapes alongside Jason Derulo, DJ Khaled and Kid Ink, including one of which that was hosted by Iggy Azalea. The second EP entitled ‘Red’ featured the infectious lead single ‘All I Want’ gaining further support with tastemakers and her peers. Adding to her seasoned repertoire, Dominique De Beau has since continued her ascent and won an Academia award for ‘It Is What It Is’ as the ‘Best RnB Single’.

IndustryMe caught up with Dominque to discuss her new single and the journey so far.

In many ways ‘It Is What It Is’ is the song that propelled your career forward, how did it feel when it won you the award for best R&B song?

Yes for certain this song “It is what it is” was a real moment for me. That song gave me fresh hope and reassurance in my abilities as a songwriter.

I heard about the nomination at a time when I was feeling particularly low. I had been let down badly by a video director who literally messed up the release of my first solo record. It cost my management company plenty of money and meant everything had to slow down. So I took a full time job working as an estate agent which as you can imagine really wasn’t me. It was such a frustrating period, I missed my music & studio sessions so much. The award perked me up and just made me feel happier about my music again.

It was particularly satisfying to win this one as I had always wanted to be known first as a songwriter before an artist. Writing is ultimately my first love.

Do you think your music style has changed at all since the release of your last EP?

No not really. My music varies every time I create a new EP or single. If anything that’s what I like about the music industry today the fact that you don’t have to stick to a format or set sound. If you want to release a super pop song you can or if you want to add a bit of rock to your RnB track you can. Anything goes. My style is just a reflection of who I am at that moment.

Your new song “Ready For Me” is centred around female empowerment, what do you want listeners to take away from it?

The song is about a man not being able to deal with a strong woman who is able to walk away from him for not showing her the respect she deserves. The message is of a woman who doesn’t need a man to depend on or control what she does and doesn’t do, the lyrics ‘Come back now you tryin to make a come back You thought I was gonna run back Baby I ain’t really on that’ are showing the woman’s power. I am a good woman and I am not interested in taking you back. The video also does a great job at portraying this theme it shows young women out enjoying themselves and looking out for each other. An independent woman is fierce and knows what she wants and won’t except anything less.

Ready for me actually features Ayo Beatz, what was it like working with him again?

Ayo is super talented and easy to work with. We just have a good chemistry. Our sessions are full of good vibes and high energy. He is not only a great producer but a fantastic artist so make sure you all check him out on his socials.

Dominique De Beau and Ayo beatz ready for me single cover

Who would you most like to collaborate with from the UK and why?

I would love to work with Labrinth – He is a genius producer. Craig David who I see as UK RnB royalty & Giggs who I have followed for years long before he ever got signed. Any or all of those would be amazing. Rita Ora & Stefflon Don I think would be interesting to. Writing wise, I would love to do a session one on one with Charli XCX. I also would love to do a drum n bass tune with Sigma. Love Love Love them.

What makes you stand out from the other artists out there?

Everything I write about is my own story. I write about my life experiences and try to put a different spin on it. To be honest we live in an age when attention is more fragmented than ever. In one way it’s so much easier to get discovered and in another it’s so much harder just because of the volume of music being released on the net daily. I just do me and sing from the heart and hope that will connect with an audience.

What do you enjoy most about the songwriting process?

I am known for being fast paced at the studio. I literally walk around everyday with fresh melodies popping into my head which is both weird and fantastic. I love being called the queen of melodies by some of my producers. So I guess that’s my favourite part. The worst part for me is coming up with the song title. I always pick odd ones as I don’t like to choose the obvious song lyrics.

How would you say your love for the classics influences your music?

Classical music really settles me down and makes me feel calm. It stirs up emotions in me that I dIdn’t know I had. One of the last sessions I did I wrote my single ‘Another I’, which is an upbeat party song but I created it after listening to a morning of opera at home. The lyrics were inspired by

‘e una cantena ormai’ taken from the opera song ‘Caruso’. Classical music is amazing.

What’s next for Dominique De Beau?

Just to keep working hard and learning about life. Doing more sessions and getting out on tour. I also want to concentrate on my fashion collection called Miss De Beau. I have always loved styling and design and have recently started making sample designs on my new sewing machine.

Any final shoutouts or plugs?

Big up to Hustle and Grind who work tirelessly to get my music out. Shout out to the Teams at Ten Letter & Matchbox who have been helping me with PR. A massive thank you to my son Ricco for being so patient when mum gets home later than expected from the studio. Big love to every blogger, Dj and writer who has supported my music. Always appreciated. And of course a special thanks to all who streamed or downloaded my songs.