Known by his stage name Boy Nash, is a creative who specializes in rap, spoken word, poetry, and rough singing. He is of Ghanaian descent but born and raised in south London. As a youngster in South London, growing up he was heavily influenced by grime artists such as Dizzee Rascal and Wiley, hence he also started rapping with his friends in his estate (eastfields estate)

In 2010, their critically acclaimed tape was released with features from prominent Ghana based artists such as Joey B, Bra In 2012, Boy Nash returned to the U.K. permanently, and decided to pursue his musical career. In 2014, he released his debut E.P. entitled Gods Image II: Instinct to Increase Boy Nash describes this project (in his own words) “This tape is a pure classic”.

The release was received well by the U.K crowd. Boy Nash started attending open mics, were he performed a song of the E.P called Deep Thoughts This got him noticed by promoter’s and fellow musicians,alike.

Fuse ODG has also seen him perform at the Old Queens Head; he complimented Boy Nash on his performance, saying, “Boy Nash, your set was sick! Didn’t know you was back in the country!”. Boy Nash has performed at many events across London, including the great British Carnival at the Olympic stadium, World Changer Show at Box Park, and Music Junkie at the famous Queen’s Head venue in Hoxton. He was also called on stage by Jay Electronica at XOYO to kick a freestyle.

Here’s what happened when he spoke music and more with Ray Sang

How do you think growing up in London has influenced the music that you make?

Growing up in London has given me room to grow due to the fact there are so many different genres of music. London has also given my music a sense of rawness; the grime era influenced that alot.

You also spent some brief time pursing your craft outside of the UK, how does being back in London feel?

Being back in London feels good. I mean  I could have stayed  in Ghana and pursued my music, but I wanted a bigger platform with good structure hence it inspired me to come back to London plus I wanted more of a global recognition hence I decided to come back and continue my music career here. Being back in London is great especially with how the scene is growing at the moment, I am very determined and excited about the future of UK music.

You collaborated with T Harmony this year right? Tell me more about the song and how that collaboration came about?

T harmony is a great singer. He reached out to me after he saw me perform at his event in North London. In about a month he  sent me the instrumental. He told me he was looking for a raw, gritty , and honest view of London City from a lyrical perspective and I provided that picture for him. It’s one of my favourite verses of 2018 if I’m being fair, very poetic and descriptive.

With music changing so quickly all the time how do you make sure you stay true to your sound?

I’m not really a trend follower, I just make my music based on true feeling and give it to the people, this has enabled me to create a niche following which I am proud off. I am branching out and using more modern beats and also taking Inspiration from the new school, and making it mine with a sprinkle of Boy Nash flava.

What can we expect from you for the remainder of the year?

I am gearing up to release my track KFC which features Klu from Ghana, who has worked with the likes of Mr Eazi and also E minor who is great vocalist. It was produced by Tummy Wilson and mixed by Mantis Media. It has already been recorded and mixed Just awaiting a release date and its game on. It is very different to the type of music I have given the UK crowd since I have been back, but it is definitely part of who I am as an artist and I believe the people will love it.

What would you say is the biggest inspiration behind the music you make?

My biggest inspiration is life and the fact that I am blessed with a gift, so it’s only right I use it to inspire and help the people.

Who is on your playlist right now?

That’s a good question, I only listen to music that touches my heart in some form or way. Music that causes an emotional shift within myself so my playlist is all over the place lol. I am listening to Meek Mill, Nipsey Hussle, Potter pauper, Young’s Teflon, J Cole, Isaiah Rashad, Avelino and  Jay Rock.

Any final shoutouts or plugs?

Big shout out to everyone supporting and listening to the music, I am grateful.

Photography by @nareik4k

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