Introducing Mr.Williams, a multi-talented artist, producer and songwriter who embarked on his music career at the tender age of 13.

Experiencing life growing up in both Los Angeles and London, he not only draws many different influences into his own sound but his vocal tone and accent also helps tell the story of him being brought up in two different cultures.

Here’s what happened when I caught up with him to discuss his new single and more.

You first appeared on a lot people’s radar when your track with Teairra Mari leaked. What was going through your mind at that point?

I was just upset/mad cause one I knew exactly who it was plus it was the demo version that got leaked and I was waiting for the right time to release it but then that happened plus the Akon version came out shortly after so was a stressful couple months.

How have you grown as an artist since then?

Just non stop working , recording and trying out different styles/genres to find my sound which I have the past year. So it’s taken time but I feel like I had to live for a while to actually find my sound now.

What’s been your favourite song to record to date and why?

I’d say pressure because one it was so quick, easy, fun and the smile I had on my face after I edited/mastered it I knew it was one.

Let’s talk about the single that is about to be on everybody’s playlist this summer. Out of all the cocktails you could have named the song after you chose Mai Tai. What was the artistic concept behind this?

Because mai tai to me is a drink that everytime it’s made it never taste the same like the last one so the way it goes with this song is about just enjoying and being in the moment. Let’s enjoy this one moment together One Time! Plus the sounds in the song to me sounds colourful and bright which Mai Tai normally is.

Speaking of cocktails do you have a favourite?

Yeah it’s actually Mai Tai lol that’s why it came to my mind.

Haha I should have known…Talk to me about your upbringing so you were born in London but now live in LA?

Yeah so I’d either be here for school then back there on the vacations break , then school there and here for vacations. But was a long period where I was in LA for many years plus especially as a musician I really became a artist out there. I recorded my first song in LA. However my mom is Jamaican and dad is Nigerian so I’ve been raised and seen so many different cultures that’s why I think it’s meant for me to be an international artist because of my upbringing.

What are your thoughts on the UK Urban music scene right now?

It’s a great time right now so much great talent plus since London is so small so you get to connect and meet a lot of people on the scene now so it’s good energy.

Being London born do see yourself fitting into that scene at all, if so where?

I feel like as long as I keep making good music, collaborating with artist and out here working non stop and talking to the people anything is possible.

Do you think LA or London influences your sound more?

They both do, especially with my voice. Since I was a kid my accent has been mixed being around many different accents and voices so automatically from my voice both LA and London have influenced it.

Your EP is out this summer right? Tell me more about that?

Yes it is, it’s a collective of good music which shows my song writing skills, my ear for music and just showing people how diverse I am but can mesh it all together in a project.

Which song should we be looking out for?

Unsober is the next one and all I can see is, as soon as it comes on I’m sure you won’t be able to stay still!

Any last shoutouts or plugs?

Just want to say thank you for the opportunity and I’m sure this will be the first of many !

Connect with Mr. Williams: Twitter | Instagram | Spotify | Soundcloud