Reggie The Hit Maker was determined to showcase his versatility on this EP with influences ranging from aftobeats to trap soul all while never losing its R&B essence.

Tracks like Extra Personal radiated vibes reminecicent of the stylings of maleek berry

My Queen, however, reflected a classic R&B, a was perhaps a bit of a tease. I am hoping this song was an indication of Reggie’s future musical direction, as this was a great sound for him.

My favourite? Purely for shock value it would have to be Lift them up. You’ll have to listen to the track for yourself to understand what I mean.

InsustryMe caught up with Reggie to dicuss all the details on his new EP and more.

What did the recording process for this EP teach you about yourself as an artist?

Recording the flip side EP was a surprise to me and my entire team. From the content to the delivery. I also believe that at every limit, with a little bit more persistency, there is always more we can offer and that was what I found out about my self.

How did you go about organising your tracklist for the EP?

The track list randomly had it’s own organic process. It was more like for every instrumental, there was already a song tagged on it in my head. It was a natural synergy with idea, instrumental and message.

An artist’s body of work is usually an indicator of where they’re at in their career, what do you hope this EP says about you?

This EP definitely expands my scope towards my fanbase. It also creates more room in my creative space. Accomplishing such an amazing work of art really propels my versatility which I believe artists in todays world need to embrace.

What was the hardest song to write on the EP and why?

“Lift them up” was a bit of a tackle for me because I had to deliver my lines with respect to energy, speed and “ginger”. I have always been a huge lover of the reggaeton sound and that was an opportunity to express it.

If you had to pick which would be your favourite song on the EP and why?

I don’t think I would be able to pick a favourite song on the EP. My reason would be because they all stand out in their own unique ways. I could be on a vibe for that provocative element or on a laid back mood and I get served with the right dish for my satisfaction.

“My Queen” deviates from the usual Afrobeat sound and is a bit more classic R&B is this something you intend to explore more in the future?

My queen” is actually closer to what I would say I do naturally. The soul in it defines my personality. I may just be tempted to put out another collection of classics just to prove my point. Haha

Who would you most like to collaborate with right now and why?

I am open to collaborations with anyone who has fire. From the most amazing to the weirdest sounds. The guys I would like to collaborate with are Mr Eazi. The brother has a twist to his fusion I would love to explore, Wiley for his sick flows and  Stefflon don just to stir up the still waters. Let’s make sweet music.

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