Introducing, the 16 year old talent that is about to take the UK music scene by storm. Her name is Samice. The south London native recently Samice premiered her summer tune ‘Mango’ produced by “Jjaybeats”. The pair have previously collaborated on a their debut single ‘Stepping In Style’, which was released on GRM daily receiving over 20,000 views and counting.
Going against the grain the talented young female is determined to make her mark on what is considered to be a predominantly male oriented genre.

Here’s what happened when Samice sat down with IndustryMe to discuss her new single ‘Mango’ and more.

How did you first get into music?

So I started when I was a lot younger. I used to use a mini keyboard and write songs with my brothers. I didn’t really think anything of it at the time but its something that has developed.

How long would you say you have been doing music?

I would say I have been actively perusing music for about a year and a half now.

At 16 years old how do you balance music and education?

Well with the way that I make music, I don’t just sit down and say “I’m gonna make a song today”. Inspiration just hits me sometimes. I’ll be on the street and an idea will just pop into my head. If I can I’ll write it down or record it on my phone until I get to the studio.
School is during the day so I tend to work on my music in the evenings or whenever I have free time.

Do your friends know that you’re pursuing music, how do they feel about it?

Yeah they do and my friends really supportive. Some of them have quite large followings on social media, so they try and share my music when they can.

And your family?

Yeah they are really supportive too. My parents are always sharing my music with their family and friends; which is nice.

How does being a female in a predominantly male dominated genre make you feel?

I obviously share my music with my friends and people of my own age or just people in general that I think will vibe to the music. The people they share the music with are overseas so its cool that the music reaches a different audience.

I’d say that when I first started the genre definitely felt male dominated but that’s something which is slowly changing. There are loads of women doing great things in the scene right now which feels pretty good.

Any particular women you want to shoutout?

Well of course Amelia monet, I’d say she was one of the first females to cross into afro swing with ‘Baddest’ and Br3nya is doing great things too.

In what way would you say being of Nigerian heritage influences the music that you make?

Well with Afro swing in general the afro inspiration comes out in the music, especially with the way you phrase certain things to. I think you can hear the influence in the drum patterns as well. You know that Africans LOVE to dance, so I think that making music that people can dance to is a huge part of the influence.

You are currently promoting your new single ‘Mango’ can you tell us a little more on what that’s about?

I remember sitting down in my living room to write ‘Mango’. I remember wanting to write a summer song that was relatable. The song is pretty much about all the things that you associate with the summer. So drinks, good music and great vibes.

Wordplay is something that is clearly quite important, where does your inspiration come from?

I think that wordplay has always been a big thing in afro swing. With me personally I think that is it just adds depth to the song, so you will see a lot of artist trying to do it now. Whenever I write music I like to think twice about what I am writing. I want listeners to have like an ‘oh yeah’ moment each time they listen.

If you could work with any UK artist right now who would it be and why?

That’s definitely Deno. First of all he’s around my age so that’s already a huge plus. He is super inspiring. I’d say that out of all the UK youngers making music he has the most passion and drive. It would be good to make music with someone who has that kind of work ethic.

Who is currently on your playlist?

I have a wide variety. So from the UK I would say Swarmz, and Br3nya, then from the US I listen to a bunch of different people like Roddey Rich. I also listen to a lot of alternative stuff from the 70s/80s, so like Queen and the Beatles. I think the way I do my wordplay kind of stems from some of the techniques that Queen used. The meaning of a lot of their sounds were often left up to the listeners interpretation which is pretty cool.

What are you currently working on?

I’ve been writing here and there, with it now being summer I have a lot more time to record. There are a few summer a couple songs in the locker and a lot more music to come.

Will we get an EP from you this year?

Right now we are just working on building a fan base and gaining exposure. I think its important to release the EP when there are people there who are ready to listen. For right now we are just working on building that.

Will the music on this EP be similar to Mango?

I listen to a lot of different music, so that will come out in my music. I have actually laid some songs that are little different but we are saving those for now. At the end of the day you don’t want to keep making the same thing over and over again.

If you could have a rapper jump on the ‘Mango’ remix who would it be and why?

That has to be Tion Wayne. He has a great energy and literally brings the light to every song.

Any final shoutouts or plugs?

My brother and his friends they all make some great music so go and checkout the latest from Ajia and Damélola!

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