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Dreamy harmonies, jazz and funk licks, and beautiful Rhodes piano blend together for an unforgettable performance from this duo. Both familiar yet fresh, they bring together classic and modern tastes into a beautiful track.

Here’s what the pair had to say when we spoke about their journey so far.

How did you both meet?

Oddly enough, we’re both from Wisconsin but first met out here in Brooklyn (NYC). We met maybe five years ago through a mutual friend and playing in a soul band together. We realized that we had a lot of the same interests/inclinations musically and really dug what the other had.

When did you realize that you made great music together?

We started getting together regularly maybe two years ago and the writing chemistry was pretty electric. It came easily with the two of us – we work well together. Our recent single “If I Could” was the first tune we wrote and it came together rather quickly. We’re both pretty laid back and goofy so that makes the process fun and seamless most of the time.

What elements make up a good song for you?

We love an interesting groove/feel. And something catchy lyrically is important. We’re finding more and more through our process that simple is good. If you listen to old blues or rock records, their grooves are always super simple, accessible and tasty! Variation is cool too, but overall, finding something that makes you feel good deep down in your soul is number one.

What inspires the lyrics you write?

Our recent single was inspired by terrible past relationships. We don’t intend to keep writing songs with that subject matter – it just kind of materialized naturally and must have been on the brain at that moment. The progression/groove came first and then the concept for the story and lyrics kinda fell into place. We have more originals on deck that range (lyrically) from comparing a circus to living in NYC all the way to just having fun and taking your time in this life.

How do you decide whether a song should be a single or not?

“If I Could” (our first ever release), was a pretty easy choice for a single because it’s the first song we wrote together and just an all-around good tune that gives the listener a great taste of what we do.

What’s the most challenging thing about the songwriting process?

For me, I’d say it’s writing lyrics. I’m learning a lot about the songwriting process and discovering what works best for us with this project, but lyrics are never really the first thing I deal with. I’ve always been singing but I have an instrumental background (primarily woodwinds), so I tend to approach the process by feeling the need to establish the progression/groove & melody first sans any words. Although, things certainly change here and there after lyrics are added as we arrange. Coming up with song titles also seems to be a challenge for us. I mean, “If I Could” was originally called “FU.”

Jase: I would say the most challenging part of writing a song is following through. It’s always very exciting when you start to write a new song but staying focused and completing it is always a challenge.

What’s the best thing about being in a duo?

Being in a duo is great! Less people to deal with and easier to manage/simply bounce ideas between the two of us. Also, if we tour – it makes travel/hauling gear/expenses a lot more manageable & practical than a full band. However, we are thinking of adding a bass player – Jase & Stace + bass!

Who takes the longest to get ready for a live performance?

Definitely me!! — which is perhaps why we’ve been more studio-based at this point in time. Being in a band set-up like this is new to me. I went to school for music education/classical saxophone. So, I have performance experience in the way of a formal recital given every so often or sax quartet/wind ensemble performances. I can apply some of that, but I tend to hold some performance anxiety at the current stage. I also don’t consider myself a keys player, but here we are! It will all get better with time and experience. Also, gigging as a rock band creates a lot of unknowns. I was so used to being over-prepared and essentially knowing what was going to happen. Jase & Stace is making me live in the moment more and feed off of whatever happens – which is amazing! Really coming back to my roots.

Do you have any interesting vocal warm-ups?

We try to make time each rehearsal for vocal warm-ups. It’s super important. We tend to use a handful of videos/recordings that we have found along the way that range from standard warm-ups to “blowing” over rock/soul progressions.

Where can your supporters see you perform?

We don’t have anything official in the books yet because life is crazy. But, you can catch a live Facebook performance through Scenes Media on the evening of Sunday, September 9th and we are planning much more in the near future.

Any final shout outs or plugs?

Thanks so much to IndustryMe for taking an interest in what we do and for the lovely interview questions!

We’d also like to thank Hanna at Behind the Curtains Media [our publicist]

You can find us on social media:

Facebook: Jase & Stace

Instagram: @jaseandstacemusic

And all major music streaming sites: Spotify, Bandcamp, CDBaby, iTunes


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