Introducing Singer Songwriter Jono who is based in Glasgow, Scotland.

Having been writing and recording songs since the age of 13, by his mid 20’s Jono had gone on to produce his earliest material, gigged in countless bands, and worked with a number of local, signed and charting artists.
With comparisons to the likes of Paolo Nutini, John Mayer and Jeff Buckley to name but a few, Jono now releases his latest album Culture Is Your Cult.
If his single ‘Goosebumps’ is anything to go by the album is set to be a lyrical work of art.
Quoted as being one of the finest singer songwriters to emerge in recent years, you can find details on how you can purchase Jono’s album along with additional information about him by visiting his website
‘Goosebumps’ had a very nostalgic feeling to it. It took be back to the top of the pop days where artists would have amazing live performances with smaller intimate crowds singing a long.
While the song is musically quite commercial it had a very authentic feel to it, not to mention the vocals were great.
With that being said I really feel like this should have been a summer song. This is definitely the kind of music I listen to while relaxing in the sun with a nice glass of ice tea.

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