Determined to start 2019 in style pop singer Kacy Moon returns with the brand new single “Good Guys”.

You may remember our previous review of “Cherry On Top” and it looks like congratulations are order. The single has reached #25 on the Music Week commercial pop club chart in the UK and is signed to Suono Rec label in Italy.

Here’s to hoping that the new single “Good Guys” will follow suit – no pressure.

As soon as I heard the song I immediately thought, teenage Netflix original. This song has soundtrack written all over it.

I appreciated the fact the verses were left quite instrumentally minimal, because it gave listeners a chance to focus on lyrical content of the song.

The hook almost sounded like a primary school taunt; stay with me here. If you listen closely the melody reassembles that “na na na na na” thing that kids do when they’re teasing one another.

Mums, teachers or those who work with kids comment below if you know what I am talking about.

I think that this was really effective way of adding a layer of familiarity to the song whilst communicating the idea of the singer having the upper hand.

Its always great to see an artist who pays attention to these smaller details as this often greatly enhances the listening experience.

Melodically the song was very simple perhaps representing the singer being hashtag over it, in regards to her love interests behaviour.

When asked about the meaning behind the song Kacy Shared:

This song is about a guy I was hung up on for awhile. There was something real there – but he was full of himself and one day I realized I don’t need this anymore because he’s not such a great guy after all. It was co-written by me and my producer Szabo in Sydney, Australia. It’s my personal favorite out of the 4 songs we’ve collaborated on so far.

But the fun doesn’t have to stop here. The singer has indicated there are some exciting things ahead this year:

I have lots of things planned for 2019 – I have another song, a ballad, to release from the collaboration with Szabo, and I will be working with more writers and producers to keep the music coming this year!

While “Good Guys” was an enjoyable taster of what Kacy has in store I am really looking forward to hearing more from the budding singer. It will be exciting to see her explore her vocal ability more during the course of 2019

I say bring on the ballad!