“Believe me, I’m loco. Certified loco,” declares Kayda May on her latest track, “LOCO.”

Some of the best music takes inspiration from real life, as unfortunate and bleak as that sometimes may be. The same can be said for “LOCO,” which was recently released by GRM Daily. The song easily speaks to and for nearly every woman who has been wronged by someone they trusted. That relatability combined with the beats and visuals behind the track create an instant classic.

IndustryMe was lucky enough to get the chance to speak to Kayda May about her musical upbringing, the inspiration behind “LOCO,” and what the future has in store for the up-and-comer.

When did you begin making music?

You may as well say from birth. Growing up, music was heavily influenced in my home. From Reggae to Hip-hop to R’n’B and Soul, my mum made sure it was played around the house. I went to bed to music and woke up to music. From a baby, my dad would take me to his music studio. He plays the drums, sax and guitar – it was blatantly meant to be. I wrote my first song when I was 11.

Did you always want to be a singer/rapper?

I’ve always wanted to do both. The first song I wrote was actually a singing track, but I didn’t really like to sing. I actually started writing songs from an early age for other people to sing as I didn’t like my voice, but at that age, I didn’t really know of anyone else who was into music like that. It was only when one of my younger sisters joined a school choir and I saw how much she enjoyed it that I also joined and the singing side and basically continued from there. I then started to play the violin and piano when I was 12, and at 13 started rapping. It was then that I chose to fuse both singing and rapping together.

Who are your musical influences? How do they influence your lyrics and sound?

My musical influences stem from what I grew up listening to. Reggae and hip-hop will always be the base of my music. The 2 sounds which hold everything together, whether composed together or apart, but my sound is not limited to just that.  I like to mix ’n’ blend and will not be boxed into one genre. Music is free, and I need to feel free to express what I want to in a way of my choosing at any moment. I have so many music idols and influences, such as Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu, Foxy Brown, Lil’ Kim, N.W.A, Garnett Silk, Gregory Isaacs, Tupac, B.I.G, Nas, Sizzla, Jay-Z, Capleton, Chronixx, Busta Rhymes, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Kelis, TLC, Destiny’s Child, Queen Latifah, Missy Elliott – the list is so endless.

“LOCO” is such a banger: the music, lyrics, and visuals are all great. What was the inspiration behind it?

Thank you. A past relationship was part of the inspiration behind it. The day I recorded “Loco” was when I found out that the person I was with truly wasn’t who they said they were. I actually was going to cancel my studio session because I was so upset and angry, but, instead of cancelling, I decided to use my emotion and energy to record. I already had pre-written the chorus, but the verses just came to me when I was recording.  It was so hard because I was crying in between takes. But I am glad it happened that way. Also I just need to say that Kelis’s track “Caught Out There” played a part in influencing my chorus for “Loco.” I was listening to it randomly, and the chorus came to mind.

The track recently got its first BBC Music Introducing play – how did that feel?  

It felt great, a real sense of achievement. I was BBC 1Xtra’s Artist of the Week nearly 5 months ago for another track called “Endz,” and that was all down to Bridgitte Tetteh, who has a show on BBC Introducing. So to have a 2nd track on the BBC in a short space of time is such a positive thing for me. Again, this was because of Bridgitte.

“LOCO” is only the beginning – what’s next for you?

Oh, I have so much up my sleeve. I’ve been working on a few singles and collaborating with a number of artists from my hometown in Reading. I am also working on my EP to release in the summer.

What can we expect from Chapter 2 and other future music?

Well, Chapter 2 is called “Lost.” I am really excited about releasing it. The track and visuals – I believe people will really like it. There will also be a Chapter 3 to end this project. My future releases…well, let’s say I want to stir up a few things. I need to be recognised on a wider scale, and I am confident that I can make that happen.

Any final shoutouts or plugs?

Yes, I would like to shout out Beatscraze, Frenzy Frenchy, my photgrapher “Phesa’s Photos”, my mua Natalie, as well as Adeola K, Jah Herbz, Kelz TBK, Chiba Visuals, Bobbi Zion, Silqe, Mukz Merrello, Raresoundz, Luigi Merrello, I am Childish, Jajii, HBoogz and Tachurel.

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