Introducing Kim Cameron. A high-energy, 2-time Top 20 Billboard chart-topping deep house sound with placements on Billboard Dance Club, Hot AC, AC, CMJ, AAA, DJ Times, FMQB music charts and radio across the US, Canada, Europe, and Australia. Kim Cameron, who performed twice for the NFL (Giants, Redskins) to over 70,000, has toured across the U.S., Caribbean & Europe, garnered millions of YouTube views, featured on Xfinity, and awarded Best Female Emerging Artist of the Year, Album of the Year, Best Live Performance, Silver Medal from Global Music Awards, Semi-Finalists Song of the Year, Winner Accolade Global Film Competition, Best Dance Song and American Songwriter Nominee.

IndustryMe had the pleasure of catching up with Kim ahead of her Greatest hits album launch scheduled for January 19th.

IM: With so many songs how do you possibly decide which songs end up on your greatest hits album?

KC: Actually, that was not as difficult to figure out.  I used the number of plays (on the radio/streaming) and download sales to determine what were the ‘fans’ favorites.  There was one album where I had  3 songs that had a tie – that was the most challenging to decide, but I wanted to stay true to the project, so I only selected 1 from each album.

IM: It is my understanding that you are also an actor? Tell me more about some of your recent roles:

KC: I have a local agent who loves to place me in commercials, plays and print advertisements. I have to say, I am not very good at any of it! But, it’s a lot of fun and I get to meet people who are really in the acting world. It’s such a different world for me, so I very much like the challenge!

IM: And you are also a playwright?

KC: I guess I am! I never really considered myself a playwright, but I have completed a musical, which was ‘pre screened/tested’ last year in London’s theatre district. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive. I was on cloud 9 after that wonderful experience. The Director and actors I worked with were truly amazing with so much talent. Right now my manager is in discussions with several theatres to move it forward. It’s a very exciting project.

IM: What was the inspiration behind ‘Her story’ ?

KC: I am all about women’s empowerment, and of course, love and romance. I took real life stories of about 4 people and blended in together with my music to create a modern day story of a woman who is trying to find herself. I started the story because, I felt like it was one that we, as women, feel frequently… needed to be told.

As someone who has been in the music industry for over 10 years, what keeps you motivated?

KC: Honestly, I love what I do. I am super addicted to music. I am not sure I could ever walk away from it. Yes, there are definitely elements that are very hard, very disappointing, very frustrating, but it’s the actual creation of the music that pulls me back, keeps me motivated. Plus, it helps to have a great manager who constantly gives me encouragement.

IM: What is your favourite song to perform live and why?

KC: Such a hard question, but the song ‘Now You’re Mine’ is one of my favourite to perform live. People are familiar with the song, so I always see people dance to it. It’s got this great ‘I am woman, hear me roar’ theme, and it’s a gritty kind of song, so very different than my other chill songs that are most prevalent on my albums.

IM: Will you be doing any live shows in the UK anytime in the foreseeable future?

KC: Oh, I hope so. It’s been a few years since I toured the UK, but I love London and, really all of UK. I would love to perform in Scotland, since I am half Scottish and have never seen the country!

IM: A recent twit pic confirmed that you are a model and also a fitness enthusiast, what do you usually do during the week to stay fit?

KC: We all have to consistently work on staying fit and healthy…and on going battle. About 4 years ago, I discovered a fitness program that completely changed me, aerial dancing. Not only does it change your body, but the amount of strength and confidence you get is transformational. As a woman, I never felt strong. But four years later, I feel very strong—which is almost freeing. I have also proved to myself that fears can and should be overcome.

IM: Does your fitness routine usually change before a tour, if so how and why?

KC: That is the only downside of touring. As my manager can attest, I still workout every day, but not with the vigor that I do at home. I definitely do not feel like I am truly working out on the road. Schedules are too tight to spend the right about of time focusing on your workout.

IM: What are your favourite vocal warm up exercises?

KC: Upper register songs – songs that pull me up into that falsetto. Sia’s songs are great to warm up vocals…always hard to hit her notes gracefully.

IM: Do you have any weird pre show rituals?

KC: I am afraid that I am pretty boring. I do not eat before a show. I drink Green Tea and do not like to talk much. Talking, for me, uses very different muscles and almost strains my voice. I like to warm up my singing muscles and basically be left alone until after a performance. Hard to do when so many need to ask you questions, etc., but that is my preferred routine.

IM: With 2 Billboard top 20 hits, a west end show in the pipeline and a greatest hits album on the way, what’s next for Kim Cameron?

KC: It’s my next question for myself. I have another book for my children’s book series that needs to be finished this year and the rest, I think this year, I will make up as I go along. ☺

Keep a look out for Kim’s new album out this Friday!