Breaking out from the confines of the everyday routine, “Go” represents the power that accompanies remaining true to yourself.

IndustryMe caught up with Klaudia to discuss her new single and the journey so far.

What made you decide to do the voice Lithuania as a UK artist?

A lot of people may not know, I was actually born in Lithuania and lived there when I was younger and began doing music in Lithuania at the age 8. 

It’s always been an interest of mine to introduce my sound to Lithuania and ‘The Voice’ over there was a great platform to showcase that. 

What is the most important thing you learned from being on the voice?

Live TV was a brand new experience for me. Adapting to the pressure and tempo of each week alongside being in the press spotlight daily made me stronger and more resilient than I thought I was. 

Performing and doing shows infront of 18,000 people filled arenas also gave me a great experience in my live performances, there was basically no time  for stress or pondering , you just had to get up on that stage and perform! So it defiantly kicks you out of your comfort and safe zone. 

And I’ve also met some incredible creatives from being on the show, we’ve been working on exciting projects to come in the next few months. 

What’s the transition been like between the release of your 3-track EP and “Go”?

After the ep I was working on a lot of music and doing a lot of writing behind the scenes. During the 6 months of the show all my focus had to stay within performing. Being the first release after the show , ‘Go’ was really important to me and I wanted to show growth through this song. 

Why was it important for you to write the song “go”?

The message behind the song is about coming out of your shell and to stop trying to fit into “norms” and social frames , it’s about being true to who you are. It’s a song about escapism, but in this case- escaping from the “socially accepted” version of yourself

I see that Jojo F produced the song. What was it like working with him again?

We work well together musically,  as we have the same vision and ideas when it comes to creating a record. 

You’re also a musician, how does being an instrumentalist impact your creative process?

Coming from a musician background it gives me a good insight on how to work and write melodies within a song. 

Also being a musician it allows me to take part in the production process and arrangement of my music. 

Pop is definitely your sound but you’ve also dabbled in the dance world do you plan to explore that any further this year?

I will always have a huge love for dance music. I still write and collaborate with dance Dj/producers. I think it’s something I will always do. 

My music is highly influenced by dance. But one thing thats essential to me when writing music is the feeling and the message that it conveys. And the production has to reflect that. 

You’re in the running to perform at the isle of white festival 2019, what would it mean to you to make it on the line up?

I love festivals, I think the energy of the crowd is totally different from indoor shows.  Plus I’m a huge fan of Anne Marie and Jess Glynn and they’re playing this year 

Where else can people see you perform this year?

I’m planning to perform at ADE (Amsterdam Dance Event)  this year in Amsterdam with SAMO, after the popularity of our track “Addicted” we’ve worked on more material together. 

Some solo shows will also be confirmed soon on my socials.

What’s next for Klaudia Keziah?

I’ve been working on exciting collaborations here and in Lithuania all ready to drop within the next few months. 

I’m shooting the music video for ‘Go’ this week and it’s due to come out  mid February! So keep your eye out on my YouTube channel. I’m also doing a radio tour around London at the moment promoting the single. 

Any final shoutouts or plugs?

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