Vancouver duo LIINKS debut brand new single ghost

Canadian Duo LIINKS debut their brand new single Ghost.

There is something almost siren-like with Murray’s vocals. Calming and tranquil yet alluring. Both haunting and enchanting ghost to me is a musical representation of a toxic relationship. Detailing this idea of two people who keep hurting each other in an almost tit for tat manner. Ghost pinpoints the exact moment one of the two lovers made the decision to leave abruptly and end the toxicity once and for all.

Aside from the vocals, the production is what really brought this track together particularly with the use of reverb and distortion.

The intro began with a sweeping string melody creating a crescendo of emotion, which is something that I haven’t heard much of in contemporary music since the early noughties. In all honesty, this made me somewhat nostalgic for ballads of old, where there was a genuine connection between listeners and the emotion behind a song.

The instrumental layering was just right throughout with an effortless build up at the hook, mirroring the emotion of the song.

If this track is anything to go by I am expecting big things for the current album!

More about LIINKS
The humbling story of Vancouver duo LIINKS, comprised of Georgia Murray and Tony Day aka Dwhiz, and how the pair came to be, features a series of unfortunate events that unravel to an awarding tale that makes the duo seem almost pre-destined for stardom. After linking up and creating a song, they were notified by a Korean lawyer that their track had been stolen and released by Korean pop star Hyori Li and gone #1 across Korea. After settling out of court, the pair decided to make their partnership official and thus sparked the birth of, LIINKS.  Already the pair have built an esteemed resume, having collaborated with Bob Ezrin of Pink Floyd and KISS, RL Grime, Travis Barker, Datsik, Ephwurd, The Funk Hunters, and more. Their collaboration with The Funk Hunters is what eventually led to LIINKS  being signed with label Westwood Recordings. Now gearing up for the release of their debut album Ridge Road, on September 7th with the label, which features the duo’s latest releases, “Ceiling Fan” and  “500 Roses.” In addition to the albums name, Ridge Road was Murray’s street in Victoria, BC where the duo had first met, before becoming a couple and stands as the group’s most personal project to date. The album revisits the pairs life before stardom and shares a noble story of self-love through an overthrowing whirlwind of emotions.

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