Introducing Lucy Racquel & Me. A band with a fun fresh sound and an even more interesting backstory.

Here’s what happened when I sat down with band member Phil to discuss their journey so far.

How did you all meet?

We have never met. At least not in real life.
There are, literally, thousands of kilometres between the 3 of us.

Right now, it’s morning for Lucy in Australia, 7:48, early afternoon for Racquel, California 12:48, and it’s almost time for bed for me, 21:48.

It all began because of Lucy. Both of us were registered on a songwriting forum.
I worked with another member at the time and I posted some songs recorded with a danish singer. I guess Lucy found thoses songs interesting enough to make contact with me. She sent me some lyrics, I wrote some music, sent it to her, and that was it

Vocals have always been the main instrument in my music!

I sent a song to Racquel, All true with just a piano and my voice she sang it – the result was beautiful!

Describe your typical songwriting process from start to finish?

Well, Lucy will send me some lyrics. Most of the time I write songs on ukulele, usually searching for some intriguing melody. At this moment of this process, I don’t write anything. It’s what I called The John and Paul method, because I read somewhere that they did it this way. If I don’t remember the melody in a few days then it was not a good song 🙂

Once the chords and melody are set , I record a rough demo. This is when I decide on the genre and tempo, sing it and send it back to Lucy.

once Lucy and me are ok with the demo, I send it to Racquel,asking her in which key she ‘d like to sing it. Once the main tracks are recorded, It’s Racquel turn to express a talent and creativity. She sings the lead and backing vocals.
Then come the time to mix.
et voilà. a new song is born.

How would you describe your sound to someone who had never heard your music before?

It’s clearly rooted in the seventies. If The Beatles are my main influences, Elton John, Fleetwood Mac, The Wings, CSNY, America, The Eagles, Cat Stevens …are undeniably in there too. Emphasis on vocals, a strong melody, definitively soft rock.

How do you all manage being in different time zones?

It requires patience:) different time zone means a delay will be likely. But there’s no hurry, no pressure.

Would any of you ever move to be with the other band members?

Well it will be great to really see each other, it can be a little frustating not to see the reaction when Lucy or Racquel discover the song for the first time. Maybe I could go to California, or Lucy could visit Paris. But to move no, I don’t think so. We have our lives, our day jobs and our children, In fact the only thing we have in common is our music, as we don’t really knnow each other.

Will there be any tours in the foreseeable future?

The only one needed to tour is Racquel 🙂 If we have some success one day, who knows. But we are more a studio band than a live band.

What inspires the music you write?

Lucy’s lyrics. There is a music in every text. The work of a composer is to find it. Sometimes it comes easily, sometimes it take more time.

What’s your favourite original song to date and why?

It’s always the one I just wrote, when it’s still not totally a song, but more than just lyrics. Speaking of songs we’ve recorded, maybe Millions out there. I fall in love with the lyrics the minute I read it, the whole orchestral version gave it more power. A friend of mine, who wrote music for film asked me if he could write another orchestration for the song. Piano orchestra and Racquel’s voice. Brilliant

How does this album differ from the first?

I’m not sure it differs so much, it’s a continuation. My first idea was to call the album, The Never Ending Album. I see this project like a long term project. I hope there will be a track number 100 one day. the albums don’t differ, the songs do 🙂

What are your goals for this year?

I hope that we record 6 or seven new songs and that we gain some recognition. Our albums are free to download on our website because we need notoriety more than money 🙂 I do think we write good songs, that deserve to be known.

Any final words?

We’re here to stay, success or not, so take a listen, support us, share if you like, music is the key
Peace and blessings