I am a huge supporter of Bastard Jazz. They have a plethora of talented artists on their roster. When I came across The Goods I already anticipated great things and thankfully I was not disappointed. The is an excellent body of work that pushes the creative envelope without losing the fundememtap elements of jazz.

So without further ado here were my favourites.


I am going to be honest and let you all in on the fact that I still have no idea what OPB stands for but I do know that I enjoyed this song. I was hooked right from the smooth midtempo contemporary jazz inspired intro. What really rocked my world however was the vocals. No seriously, are you all hearing that falsetto. I was not expecting that effortless finesse.

It Immediately grabbed my attention. All that was left to do was to close my eyes and enjoy the music.

I was getting singer in a smokey room vibes, you know that subtle seduction.

while the song Sounded great it was very repetitive and perhaps might have worked better as an intro or an interlude in a shorter form.


Vibe wise this was exactly what I was expecting from the goods, classic jazz with a modern electronic twist. This is the type of song you play in the morning to set you up for the rest of the day. I also appreciated the sprinkles of vintage soul and the harmonies dotted around the track.

The real treat however was the R&B breakdown. Production wise this was probably my favourite part of the EP, simultaneously highlighting the groups creativity and versatility.


The futuristic twist this song had was definitely one that surprised me. I was drawn in by the songs Unusual rhythm, and the evident influence disco and funk here. I would describe this track as futuristic soul and consider it to be one of the most musically experimental tracks on the project.

Overall the EP was well executed prelude to the greatness I expect to come from The Goods.

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