Introducing Marcus Atom, here to make his mark on the neo-soul scene with his electronic infused debut single “Son of a bad man”

Classic and smooth, with a dash of edge, “Son of a bad” man tells the story of a man who falls victim to the errors of his upbringing. In this reflective Neo-soul number the singer acknowledges that he is but a victim of his surroundings and that his shortcomings and lack of trust for others are simply a product of his environment.

While I enjoyed the vocals and the clear Aloe Blac influence it was the production and mastering of the track that really caught my attention. The song’s vocal production was well executed, with just the right of amount reverb and what sounds like the vocal sample of mans falsetto.

I of course also enjoyed the occasional harmony and the way the fusion of the songs two distinct styles was reflected in the songs instrumentation. Mixture of classic neo-soul instruments accentuated by the use of distortion, with slightly more modern percussion electric guitars and synths.

This was an awesome debut and I look forward to hearing more from Marcus in the near future.

More about the Artist:

If unfamiliar with Marcus Atom (Marcus Anthony Johnson), the artist has recently been featured in a song with Cofresi called, “Coldheart.” Atom’s music has also opened collaborations with The Smashing Pumpkins and Morrissey’s, Matt Walker, and has shared the stage with some of the music industry’s esteemed talents, including Pusha T, Vince Staples, Carly Simon, Anthony Hamilton, De La Soul, Zabra Katz and Sinead O’Connor, and many more. In 2017, Marcus was invited to be apart of the vocal ensemble dubbed “Humanz” for the Gorillaz Grammy nominated full-length album ‘Humanz,’ which culminated in an international tour.