Meet Los Angeles band, Night Market. The duo, is made up of Evan Effres (vocals/guitar) and Jon Swan (vocals/guitar), and formed in 2017 after discovering how well they wrote music together. Drawing inspiration from artists like Real Estate, Young The Giant, and Built to Spill, the duo have combined layered harmonies with a notable rock influence to create a beautiful sound.

Following the release of their Brand New EP ‘White Seasons’ the pair sat down for a chat with IndustryMe

So you guys formed back in 2017, upon realising that you worked well together as songwriters, how did you know that you would work well as artists? ( if they could answer separately that would be great)

Jon: We had played several shows of Evan’s music prior to actually writing together, so it’s actually somewhat the reverse. We knew that we enjoyed each other’s musicality and artistry so it felt natural to continue that into a full time project.

Since releasing your first EP in 2018 how would you say you have grown as artists?

Evan: We’ve spent more time focusing on the smaller details, specifically for our live shows. We’ve added a bit more color and depth to the songs since releasing the first EP and it really comes out during our live performances.

Jon: The biggest aid has been performing live. The songs on the first EP sound so much better live than on the recording, and I believe the live shows represent our true sound. For this EP we knew we wanted to share something more personal and easier for the audience to access sonically and for us to record.

Having spent a lot of time performing across LA what would you say are your 3 top tips for captivating an audience?

Evan: Play music that inspires you. If you enjoy the music you’re playing, it shows. You don’t have to be a great dancer or showman to be captivating, you just need to feel it and be in the moment. If it’s a good song and a heartfelt performance, the audience will recognize that and hopefully connect with it.

Jon: I think a given is the amount of energy you put into your music and the physicality that manifests from that energy. Music can and often does have a profound effect on people but during live shows the audience wants to see how you make that music happen. For me personally, projecting confidence even when you don’t have it is always good. Finally, we build transitions between songs pretty frequently so the audience doesn’t have to always hear us speak. Then when we do it really means something. Think of any large touring act: usually they don’t talk much between songs and/or the band keeps the music going as they speak.

When you began working on the EP what was the first thing you did?

Jon: The first thing we did was open some beers, start jamming on some acoustics, and worked out the arrangement for just two of us. Stripped down songs require different thinking.

What did the process teach you about yourselves as artists (answer separately if possible)?

Evan: I love recording because I get to hear it all, both the good and the bad. Every time I sit down to record, I feel like I get better as a singer and guitar player because I’m able to work on fixing my mistakes and making the song the best it can be.

Jon: It taught me to believe in my voice. Growing up as a guitar player and eventually going to school for guitar, I always put my voice second. But I’ve felt more confident lately about it, and I think that comes through on this.

Across the EP there seems to be this tug and war between loss and hope, was this done intentionally?

Evan: That’s sort of just where my mind was at the time when I wrote the songs I wrote.

Jon: I don’t think it’s intentional but I do feel it represents a good slice of Night Market’s current theme.

When I first heard White Seasons I immediately imagined the opening scenes of a film driving down an open road. What images does the song evoke for you?

Evan: Long stretches of highway and driving up to the mountains.

Jon: I’m from Florida so for me winters are still green. However, I can picture the grove of orange trees stretching off into the distance as the song plays.

How did it feel to see your song on TV for the first time in NBC’s The Mysteries of Laura and ABC’s A Million Little Things?

Evan: Pretty cool.

If you could have your music featured in any current Netflix series which would you pick and why?

Evan: Probably Bojack Horseman because its use of music can be really powerful and it’s a hilarious show, although a bit dark at times. A runner-up would be Black Mirror just because I like the show.

Jon: I would choose “Dead To Me” because the show has such great music choices.

Out of the three which song would you say is your favourite and why? (Answer separately)

Evan: My favorite is White Seasons. I like the movement, transitions, and overall flow of the song.

Jon: My favorite is “All Eyes” because of the overall feel of the song. It flows very well and every little melody note, harmony, and guitar part play an integral part to building the song.

What would you say is the story that connects the three songs on the EP?

Jon: The story is that what has happened before doesn’t need to dictate who you are now.

Evan: I think you nailed it when you mentioned a theme being that space between loss and hope.

Can we expect any accompanying visuals?

Evan: Just the album cover that my buddy Daniel Demirdjian drew. No videos or other art for the EP at the moment.

Jon: Probably not for this EP but for our next album, yes.

What are you currently working on?

Jon: We are writing new songs and working on new arrangements for upcoming shows.

Any final shoutouts or plugs?

Jon: We’re playing the Main Stage at the Hotel Café on July 13 and we’d love to have everyone there!

Evan: We’ll also be at the Love Song Bar on July 16 and we’re working on some new t-shirt designs so stay tuned for that! Follow us on Instagram – @nightmarketmusic – to get updates on future shows, merch, and releases!

Keep up with the latest from the duo here:

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