Perfect Blue Sky is the ‘Hippie-delic’ multi-national collaboration between Swedish folk/metal artist, Pontus (Pna) Andersson and Australian rock singer and guitarist, Jane Kitto. Combining their influences as songwriters, their sound is genuinely reminiscent of the uninhibited vibes of the 60s/70s psychedelic classic rock era.

While the duo are currently busy touring they took the time out to talk to me about their new single

What was the inspiration behind the single?

The single ‘Wasteland’  is about not getting caught up in a rut in society,  not letting the inspirational dreams fade . The music  which Pna wrote was inspired somewhat by “Love reign over me”  The Who and covered by Pearl Jam

How does this new single compare to your previous music?

I think its a little more charged up and anthemic, at least the melody. Exciting

Describe the writing process behind the song?

Very simply we penning the lyrics to the emotions flowing out whilst discovering or jamming creatively in crafting the song.

Are you excited to perform the song live?

Absolutely. It is an immediate catch for the audience. or at least we think so because of the hooks and energy. Brings the crowd together.

Will your future music be of a similar genre?

Yes and even more experimentation in writing. We are not main stream and a little old school progeressive as we write to serve the story and music influences which reflect it.

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