Introducing Erin Bloomer, the Sussex based Singer Songwriter.

Singing literally since she could talk, 16 year old young talent Erin Bloomer has been creating quite a name for herself on the UK music scene and beyond.

Despite still being unsigned, she has amassed an Instagram following of more than 100,000 and received radio play on a large number of radio stations worldwide.

Her new single Right Love, Wrong Time was produced by the legendary Stuart Epps who has worked with the likes of Elton John and Led Zeppelin to name name but a few, and has topped over 3/4 million streams on Spotify to date

Quoted as taking a mere 2 seconds of listening to know she is something special, Erin is definitely a star on the Rise.

Here new single ‘Right Love Wrong Time’ is the classic tale of life getting in the way of a what could have been a great love.

The extremely relatable acoustic number begins with an captivating intro which immediately draws attention to Erin’s unique vocal stylings.

I would love to hear a collaboration with Erin and Jacob Lee as I think the pair have a very similar aurora concerning their music.

There is a stark melodic contrast between the song’s verses and chorus. Both sound great yet out of place. I’m inclined to think that this constant switch of melody and tempo was done on purpose to reflect the idea of something being good but poorly placed.

The little details are what really brought the song together and I particularly loved the sound of the xylophone in verse 2.

As the title suggests, the song details the unfortunate circumstances of a great love that happened when the singer was to young to comprehend its true value.

Connect with Erin:

You can find more information on Erin Bloomer by visiting her website or you can follow her on social media at and

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