You may remember the review we did of The former Radio 1 Breakfast Show House Band The Tailormade’s song ‘Rum and Red Bull’.

The Trio have been hard at work and return with brand new single ‘crossed my mind’:

This summer has definitely been an eventful one for the band who recently supported the infamous Madness on their UK tour.

Here’s what happened when Ray Sang spoke to the band about music and more.

Let’s start by getting to know a bit more about you. So you all met at uni, what were you studying at the time?

Aaron: I was studying BA Production specialising in theatrical lighting so nothing to do with music.

Jack: I was studying musical theatre with big dreams to end up in cats or something.

Matt: Drama – Still a bit of a drama queen now!

At what point did you realise that music was more than hobby?

Aaron: About 6 months after we got together as a band.

Jack: We started getting interest from fans and a couple of industry people so we thought maybe we should take this a bit more serious.

Matt: I think it was when we travelled around Europe busking and started making a bit of money, I realised that this could be a career.

You’re not originally from London, what pushed you to make the move and was it hard to adjust to London life?

Aaron: It felt like it was a make or break place and if you crack it here then you can make it most places. Its been very hard to adjust bit the process is made a lot easier when theres been a few of us.

Jack: London is a very busy city but I love it. I was born here then moved away at 7 years old. We had a friend who was helping us out and he lived down here so we made the leap…theres always something great going on.

Matt: We decided that London was where we needed to be. And yes! London is the hardest place to live. Pricing for houses etc. is extortion! Haha. But we struggle away and have fun.

You’ve spent a lot of time gigging and building up your fan base, what’s been your favourite performance so far and why?

Aaron: Supporting Madness at Lytham Festival 2017. I always felt like we were just faking being good to a point. That was the first time I can remember coming off stage and really feeling like we deserved to be there and gave the show of our lives.

Jack: It was actually recent. Supporting Madness at Ragley Hall or supporting them at Lytham. The crowds have been unreal.

Matt: I’d say that it was Ragley Hall with Madness! The crowd were incredible and that gives a real buzz!

indie trio the tailormade

Okay so let’s get into the music It was a huge risk sampling such a well-known song, what made you do it and how did you know it would work?

Aaron: The truth is we didn’t until we started playing it. Over the years that song has been good to us and we felt like we put our own unique spin on it to make it as original as possible.

Jack: We’d been doing it for years. I heard it when I went to Kavos in 2012 and it was so catchy I knew I wanted to remix it. We did an acoustic version for years and people loved it.

Matt: I think with anything, we didn’t know it would work! We’re like weird scientists in a lab that concoct little songs. It was a risk, but it’s such a catchy hook line we figured people would definitely sing along!

What do you want people to feel when they hear your music?

Aaron: I would honestly just want them to have half as much fun listening to it as we do playing it!

Jack: We want them to have fun and enjoy themselves. Thats the most important thing. Theres so much going on in the world sometimes you gotta switch off and have fun.

Matt: Happy and a surge of energy. Anything else is a bonus.

What’s your favourite song to perform?

Aaron: Hard to say really. I love me and Jack dancing away in Too Drunk to Dance but there’s something that never gets old with Kayne’s Goldigger.

Jack: Its gotta be our cover of Golddigger, it gets the crowd going mad.

Matt: We’ve just started performing a song called ‘Cougar in the corner’ it’s so fun to play and the lyrics are really funny.

What is the most embarrassing moment you’ve ever had on stage?

Aaron: I’ve said some pretty questionable things on stage which I’m probably best not repeating again…

Jack: I recently played a gig in Thetford and called the audience Norwich for half an hour… we were 50 miles away. It didn’t go down well.

Matt: Aaron snapped a string on stage and we didn’t have a back up guitar, so me and Jack basically did stand up comedy for 5 minutes to 3000 people while he changed it.

Who takes the longest to get ready for a show?

Aaron: Jack without a shadow of a doubt!

Jack: We’re all quite low maintenance. Aaron changes his pants about 30 times.

Matt: Jack! It’s the hair. It has to perfect and he will spend a long time getting it right.

If you could open for any act in the world right now, who would it be and why?

Aaron: Probably Oasis if they reformed but they would probably hate us so maybe thats not the best shout.

Jack: I think we’d love to open for one of the legends like Elton John or Ed Sheeran. His crowds are huge.

Matt: I’d still like to support Ed Sheeran, or anyone doing arena tours really. It’d be so amazing to do a venue that big.

You recently performed at Ragley Hall what was that like and how did the performance come about?

Aaron: The crowd were so up for it so the atmosphere was amazing. We did a show with Madness last year and it seemed to go well so they let us come back again.

Jack: We’ve been on tour with Madness for the last few weeks, that was amazing. And we come back in a months time

Matt: It was amazing!! The crowd were so up for it and so welcoming.

How did that compare to performing at the Barclaycard Summer Time Festival?

Aaron: Completely different but equally as fun. Less people were there trying to see us but it was very cool getting people to stop and come over to listen to us.

Jack: They were both amazing gigs, great crowds. Both on the same day. Very busy day.

Matt: It was bizarre really. Two huge gigs in one day! But Ragley definitely topped it.

What’s next for the band?

Aaron: 2 new singles coming out in the next 2 months as well as supporting George Ezra next week. We also have our own tour coming up in October which we will be working hard to put on a massive show like nothing we have done before!

Jack: Lots of new music and a tour coming up

Matt: More songs, more gigs, and hopefully more beers haha.

Any final shoutouts or plugs?

Aaron: Just follow us on all the socials and come down when we are touring. You won’t regret it!

Jack: Stream our tunes

Matt: Crossed my mind! New single coming out very soon! Keep your eyes peeled.

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