Introducing R&B Quintet Vadé. The five piece is determined to redefine the face of UK R&B music with their A cappella sound. Here’s what happened when they spoke to IndustryMe about their journey so far.

First of all how did you guys meet?

Phil & ⁨JJ⁩ founded the group in 2012 after scouting the rest of the boys from around the country.

Describe the moment when you all knew that it just clicked.

We felt it all clicked together almost instantly. ⁨Phil sent us all parts to learn before we physically got together, when we finally met and sang our parts together, the blend was amazing and the excitement in our faces was too much! We knew then we had something special!

Who’s idea was it go on “Sky 1’s Sing: Ultimate A cappella” and what did you take away from that experience?

We were approached by scouts for the Sky one show, after they came across one of our videos. It was a no brainer for us as it was centred around something we love and specialise in.

What we took away from the show is that we have more potential than we thought. For example, the creative process was so quick for the many arrangements we had to come up with, and to add to that, we started to incorporate beatboxing which we never did before, but added it to match the group’s we were competing against.

What are your thoughts on UK R&B at the moment?

It seemed as though UK R&B was dead for a while, but it seems to be making a comeback which is great for us. With people like Angel, Jorja smith, Ella mai, Jermaine riley and many more, I think it will be here to stay which is great for us!

What do you think you bring to the UK R&B scene as an A Capella group?

We don’t think anyone in the UK is doing what we do as an a cappella group, and it intrigues people as not everyone is aware of a cappella. We feel the UK is ready for a new sound and we believe that sound is Vadé.

‘Be Mine’ has indicated that you are very selective about the type of message you want to put out there as musicians is this the case?

Yes that very much is the case. Vadè means ‘to go’ in Latin, so we pride ourselves in ‘going’ out there as it were, and spreading the message of hope and love.

The single also features R&B vocalist Jermaine Riley, how did that collaboration come about?

We were after a vocalist for some time to feature on ‘Be Mine’ (Jermaine Riley being one of them).  Our manager reached out to him and after he saw an arrangement we did for Angel, he got in touch and said he was down.  Jermaine was perfect for the feature with his smooth vocals and attention to detail.  The finished product was better than we could have ever  imagined or hoped for.

Speaking of collaborations, who are 3 UK artists you would love to work with right now?

There are many UK artists we would love to collab with but if we had choose our top three, Angel, Ella Mai and Stormzy.

Now for a short round of quick fire questions.

Out of the 5 of you, who takes the longest to get ready for a show?

Roy definitely takes the longest to get ready for a show, he’s the diva of the group!

Who is most likely to attempt an elaborate riff or ad-lib?

Phil is the ‘Wanya’ of the group, so he is definitely the expert when it comes to ad libbing or riffs.

Who is most likely to show off at karaoke?

Roy is most likely to show off in a karaoke, and occasionally Phil.

You’ve been invited to present an award who are you nominating as the spokes person?

We would usually nominate JJ as spokesperson, but he takes forever, so we take it turns now.

Finally are there last shoutouts or plugs?

Shout out to our manager Naomi Empowers!  She has been one of the main reasons why we are at the level we are at today, and shout out to our supporters, we appreciate you all!!