Kay doggz returns with 7am under the new name XII 44. Here’s what happened when we spoke about his comeback and plans for the year.

First things first it has been a long time, what have you been up to over the past year?

I know it’s been long. I was in dark tunnel looking for the light. I found  it and I’m back on track now. For the past year. I’ve just been learning and studying the game but most importantly myself.  I said to myself I’m not going to continue music until I got my driving license and as you can see I’m back 😄

So you are back with new music and a new name, why the change?

I believe that life experiences have made me a wiser person and I’m not the same person I use to be. Kay doggz has done a lot for me but XII 44 is going to take me to the next level. My new name has a deep meaning to it and love it.

How does the new music differ from your previous sound?

There are more layers to my music now . You’re gonna hear different styles, from my vocals to beat section. I’m going to be doing what I used to do as Kay doggz but way more. I feel like before I was hiding myself from people and the world. Now there is no more holding back. My favorite quote.

You put in the work but you got to put out the work .

I just can’t wait for you guys to hear the new music I have been working on.

Describe a typical studio session?

Let me set the  scenery. First things first, I go Sainsbury or Tesco get a big bottle of water, peanuts KP honey roasted and some halls to open up my vocals. I like recording in the dark. I don’t know why I just feel more relaxed in the dark. My session is just pure jokes and vibes.  Large up my engineer RLS. If it wasn’t for this guy my music wouldn’t sound sooo beautiful as it does now . He’s crazy producer check him out. Me and him be talking for hours about music movies clothes and girls. Who ever comes to my session can’t just sit in the corner and be quiet that’s a red card. Other wise you have no reason to be in the studio. I don’t like a lot of people in studio with me.

What inspires the music you write?

My five senses sorry my six senses .  I also love telling stories in my music. With most of my songs there a story but most people get lost in instrumentation. But I love writing because I’m a very quiet person and I don’t open up to a lot of people. That’s the only time I really Express myself.

Your fashion is also a big part of who you are as an artist, what inspires it?

I love clothes. I feel like the world hasn’t seen my fashion sense yet. I look at music and fashion and they go hand in hand . It’s another form of self expression. When I don’t feel like speaking I wear every loud clothes. one thing I try to stick to is, you won’t see me wear clothes that you can buy from the high street that’s not me.

Is the hat officially your trademark?

Haha um… once I buy some more of them hats it might have to be .

What do you have planned for the remainder of 2018?

To put out high quality music. I got a lot of music to put out. My aim this year, is to get my music to travel the world.

Any last shoutouts or plugs?

Big shout to you for allowing me to be on your platform. You always support me and I’m grateful for that. Being in the tunnel I appreciate the small things in life.

Me and Marcoolie are coming for the game.

Shout out anyone that reading this.

Big shout out to people that was there for me when I was in the tunnel. Gonna make sure you guys come to the highest point on the earth with me because you was there when I was at my lowest.

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