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#IMMUSICMONDAYS: Let’s Meet Dreya Mac

Dreya Mac is definitely a name that you have heard of in a few conversations, and if not, you have almost certainly come across her viral Tiktok for the single Own Brand Freestyle with Felix The 1st. The vibrant musician is one that you would think has years of experience in making music, as her natural talents on and off stage are refreshing. Growing up in West London, with a passion for dance and rhythm, she began her journey in 2020 and it has only been up from there. Dreya has had an exciting year, to say the least, Industry Me spoke to Dreya as we begin moving into the next year, we can only imagine what is next…


Thank you for taking the time out to speak to us! How are you feeling?

I feel great thank you! The release was a success in my eyes, super proud to say I finally have a project out how!

You’re in a very exciting time right now, debut EP has been out a while now, How has this journey been for you since your debut single now leading up to this project?

The journey has even mad over the past year since my debut single! Loads of ups and downs behind the scenes and mentally too. It’s definitely been challenging but it’s made me 10 times stronger now. I honestly feel like I can conquer anything now.

So, tell us a bit more about the EP! What was the process like for you and what message do you want to achieve with twenty-one?

The process was quite easy in terms of actually making the music. Choosing what was going on the project and getting the actually Okay with the songs that could be on there was a more trying process. The message I want to achieve with TWENTYONE is just an accurate depiction of who I am, where I am, and what I’m doing in my 21st year of living. It’s basically a full recap of my past year too. 

You released 3 out of 6 songs singles before the release, why did you decide to include them or release them before the EP?

I feel like it’s quite by the book to release some songs from your project so that was partly the reason. Also, I guess I just gathered it’d be good for streaming purposes too. It’s also down to Skippin for example, being such a vital part of my career. It was the very first song so I don’t think it’d be right if I didn’t include it.

You played at Reading, and have boiler room festival and Off License Magazine events coming up, how has it been performing?

Performing has been so incredible. I’ve always been a performer as I used to dance professionally, so this time last year I’d be doing these festivals as a backup dancer. But there’s just something about the feeling of being in full control of the crowd and them giving their energy completely to you.

So, I want to take this quote from a piece about you “Mac’s music defies prediction: she always has a surprise up her sleeve to switch up your expectations.” How do you keep what you do so fresh and exciting for your listeners or do you think it’s a personality trait of yours?

I actually would have to agree that this is a personality trait of mine. Unpredictability is a skill in my eyes. Once people get used to you, a lot of your moves will be predictable. The skill is in finding ways to break away from that and maintaining the ability to keep people on their toes. I also enjoy the feeling on my side, surprising people so I feel like this adds to the element of my personality.

I can’t lie in the Kick It vid the ends look too familiar! Where in West are you from?

I grew up in West but all over! Started out in Grove then moved to East Acton. After that (and currently) in Notting Hill! But west till I die!!!

I love being from NW, I feel like everything I do; from my fashion, music, food, and beliefs are because of where I grew up, how do you think growing up in West defines you?

I 100% think west defines me. I feel like NW must be similar but I honestly grew up with endless cultures around me in school. I think that plays a huge part in the person I am today, how open so am to people and their backgrounds, and just me standing so undeniably strong in who I am. I think it’s literally due to me drilling “West is the best” in my head since 3 years old lmao! I’ve always had a strong sense of self.

Your debut single Skippin, hit over 600k streams, did you expect that kind of traction when you put it out?

If I’m honest I expected people to turn heads… never expected that much traction though. Labels were telling me it was unheard of for a random debut! 

So, you have 4 music vids on Youtube, the first two give a much more melancholy tone with the colours and tone of your music, the last two you are wearing brighter colours and showing us your dope moves! What was your mindset like for them, I feel like I can see you moving from a dark space into your own, but I could be wrong?

Slightly wrong but I wouldn’t say all the way… I feel like the start of my career was quite shakey because I went from being in full control of the drop of Skippin to then immediately working with a team. I think this changed my approach to what I actually wanted to be perceived as. Eventually, I’ve got back to the root of who I am and what I stand for so I guess you could say I got out of a dark place.

Tell me about your love for dance, I read that you used it to let people know how you’re feeling without speaking…

I feel like it’s quite self-explanatory. That line sounds quite dramatic but it really is that simple lol! If music is a vocal way to express through words dance is just the physical form. I used to not be great with words believe it or not… so when I was sad dancing was the only way to get out of those places. 

Favourite song to dance to?

Busta rhymes – Drop

Who or what inspires you to keep going?

My friends and family really have become a rock of mine. Also, myself, have to big myself up!

When in a room of conversation, what would you want people to say about Dreya Mac the musician? 

– She’s the hardest! 

– Completely in her own lane. 

– I can’t tell you what genre she is.

– She’s next up!

What does 2022 look like for you?

Touring. Album by the end of the year. Much more international success. 

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