It’s almost the end of summer which means a new academic year is about to begin. Transitioning from holiday mode to school mode is a pretty hard thing to do. So I am here to tell you my five tips to get yourself re-focused and ready for a new academic year as part of IndustryMe’s Back2School series.

Get yourself into a routine again

Try and go to bed at a reasonable time and wake up nice and early so that your body and brain can start getting use to early mornings again.

Buy yourself a planner /diary

So the key to a successful academic year is organisation. So buy yourself a planner so that you have somewhere to write all your assignments, lectures/ lessons and social events so that you have all that info in one place. Check out our previous Top Tip Tuesday posts for ideas on how to manage your time.

Take care of yourself

By this I mean eat lots of fruit and veggies for extra brain power and drink lots of water just to maintain yourself healthy and in a good mood. This will in the long run help keep your focus. Also make sure you plan in at least 1 hour of time for yourself everyday. This will help your brain and body to re-fresh ready for the next day.

Start weaning yourself off of Social Media

During your summer you probably spent 85% of your time scrolling through Instagram and Facebook just to kill time. Don’t let social media steal your focus away from your education and future. Start by maybe allowing yourself to look at social media but decrease your social media time by 30 minutes every day.

Give yourself a new look
Maybe change your hair style a little bit or even the clothes your wear. What better way to feel re-freshed than looking Fresh 😉

I hope you all how an amazing start to your new academic year.
You’ve got this in the bag guys!!


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