For this week’s edition of Top Tip Tuesday I have called upon fellow content creator Jade from Mantra Mumbling to discuss ways each of us creatives can minimise our harm to the environment.
So without further ado…Jade take it away.
Making small changes to the way you live can make a big difference when it comes to ethical living. Don’t feel bad because you’re not the most dedicated eco-friendly person in the world, just remember that you’re probably better than most people. The way to start making a large impact is to start small and work your way up, the tiny swaps are a stepping stone to living a more ethical lifestyle.
Remember education is important to move forward in becoming more eco-friendly. Reading as much as possible and learning from others really improves your knowledge which encourages you to keep going when you hit that inevitable wall. Some rooms in the house are easier to reduce plastic than others but if you start with the easier changes first it won’t take long until you build up a momentum and start to tackle the harder stuff.
These are my top 4 tips on what easy swaps you can do to make a good and positive start on you waste reduction. You have to crawl before you can walk.

1. Plastic bags – canvas bags.

This is probably the easiest swap because so many places now sell canvas shopping and produce bags both online and in shops. There’s no excuse to use a plastic bag anymore now days, in fact I believe that shops shouldn’t even offer them as an option. To ensure you don’t get lumbered with loads of plastic shopping bags, also keep one canvas bag in your handbag and some in your car ready for the big food shop.

2. Plastic toothbrush – bamboo.

I hate the thought that after my toothbrushes life it just lays in landfill forever with the millions of other toothbrushes. So a very simple and much more eco-friendly swap is to get yourself a bamboo toothbrush much wider available now they’re easy to find online. These are biodegradable (including the bristles!) and also really handy to use as plant labels if your grow your own flowers, herbs or veggies.

3. Reusable coffee cup – disposable takeaway cup.

If you’re the type of person who needs their morning coffee on the commute to work just to get through the day, stop with the disposables and get yourself and reusable! Keep Cup and Ecoffee are just two brands which now help your coffee be much more ethical and good looking, with so many funky designs to choose from.

4. Shower gel – soap bars.

Instead of using shower gel why not go back to the old school bar of soap? Bottles of shower gel doesn’t make your shower any easier does it? Some bars of soaps come completely packaged free, others just come in cardboard boxes and I actually find that soap bars last longer. If you want to step it up a gear you can also get yourself a shampoo and conditioner bar which will save you buying even more plastic!!

Just spending a bit of time researching brands during an evening after work really won’t take up any time at all and will seriously save on your waste and even your wallet.

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