Did somebody say round up?

In this week’s instalment of Top Tip Tuesday, I have gathered some of my favourite ethical lifestyle/beauty bloggers to find out their top tips for going green within their industries.

So without further ado…ladies take it away.

Hi there, my name is Roxanne and I am a beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger from Switzerland. My blog is www.thehappydiary.com .

Today I am sharing two simple ways to be “greener” everyday, happy reading!


Recycling is probably the most obvious way to be more ecological. It’s not very difficult, all you need is to sort plastic, paper and cardboard into three different bags or compartments in order to bring them to the recycling center. If you want to push your sorting a little further, you can sort out more materials such as plastic bottles, glass or even metal cans. I usually go to the recycling center once a week (since we’re a family of four) but it all depends on how much waste you collect. Happy recycling!

Eat green and local

The next way to be more ecological is to eat local. Instead of buying your fruits and veggies at the supermarket, you can go to a local farm. That way, you know where the products are from and chances are they are also organic which makes it much healthier. Also, there’s nothing more delicious than eating fresh and tasteful fruits and veggies!

Next up are Mia and Laura who are ethical beauty bloggers over at www.thecsigirls.co.uk.

This year we are trying to reduce our waste and that includes in beauty. We’ve switched up from using cotton pads to reusable wipes and make up pads from cheeky wipes, they are easy to throw in the machine and a great investment, and super soft!

We have also moved to products with less waste too, Lush have a great range for this and do a lot of packaging free products including, shower gel, soap, and shampoo and they also recycle all the old pots if you return them to store.

And there you have it your top tips for going green:

  • Recycle
  • Reduce your waste
  • Switching to local produce

Let me know how are getting on in the comments below 👇🏾