As creatives we often come across and at times endorse the work now play later mentality. In pursuit of our dreams we neglect our friends, loved ones and even ourselves.

While I am very much an advocate for the necessity of such sacrifices (sometimes), a perpetual cycle of doing so can be become unhealthy. This is especially true when you end up neglecting yourself. Believe me when I say that self love and development is about so much more than looking good and feeling empowered- but that is a segment for another day.

In keeping with this months theme of growth and development, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to reflect and talk about being in tune with yourself.

Today’s tip is: Schedule time for you

I don’t just mean pencil yourself in, I am talking full on permanent marker.

Taking time out for yourself is imperative to avoid getting burnout.

Doing so also ensures that you are most productive in the times when you are actually working.

This all sounds well and good in theory, but you are probably asking yourself how do I go about doing so?

1) Allocate yourself free time

Just like you would plan time to write a blog post or head to the studio, put time in the diary to relax and unwind. I like to refer to this as Sacred Time. Regardless of what’s going on (excluding a real emergency because I am not about to endorse irresponsibility) you unplug, hit pause and do something completed unrelated to your craft.

2) Fill that time with something fun that you enjoy

The question now becomes about what to do in that time.

There are plenty of options, some of which include:

  • Starting a new Netflix series – just try not to get hooked
  • Heading to the gym
  • Meeting up with friends
  • Reading a book
  • Listening to a podcast

3) Stay away from social media

During that time try your very best to stay off your socials, Even if it’s just for a few hours.

While social media can be fun, the temptation to self promote is difficult to resist.

Additionally, you are likely to be following a plethora of people within your niche and the chances of seeing something relating to work are astronomical. Before you know it you’ve fallen down the rabbit hole, spending hours convincing yourself that it wasn’t really work and you were just browsing, while likely to be in phase 3 of your marketing strategy.

Bonus tip: listen to your body.

Slowing down is not synonymous with being unproductive or giving up. If you feel tired; rest. Your body and mind will thank you for it later.

Hipedully by now you will not only know why it’s important to take time for yourself, but also how to go about doing so.

If there’s a topic you want me to cover feel free to tweet me @industrymee with the hashtag #IMTTT , until next time.

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